June 3, 2023

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Letter to Alberto Fernandez for freedom of Milagro Sala | The International Network for the Freedom of Community Leaders spoke on the 7th anniversary of his arrest

The International Network for the Freedom of Milagro Sala sent a letter to President Alberto Fernández this Wednesday.They reiterated their demand for an end to the repression of the community leader. This coming January 16 will be the seventh anniversary of his detention in Juju.

In the letter they reveal “Confident of your commitment to use legal means to facilitate your immediate release” And they remind the head of state of the request “Received significant international support” from leaders such as Justin Trudeau (Canada) and Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (Brazil). and Nicolás Maduro (Venezuela); and former presidents Evo Morales (Bolivia) and Rafael Correa (Ecuador). Weeks ago, the court’s ruling rejected a complaint filed by his defense lawyers, thus upholding the 13-year prison sentence in the “Pipes Villeros” case.

The letter contains attachments from representatives and senators from 14 countries, including Greece, Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom and Belgium. And their members insist that “an international group of lawyers visited Milagro Sala and other prisoners in the Tupac Amaru neighborhood in June 2018.” “They concluded that the continued detention of Milagro Salah and other detainees violated fundamental legal principles and called for their release.”

It also underlines the fact that the Supreme Court “Requests to intervene as amicus curae in the cause known as Pipes Villeros” were received from personalities such as French President Jean-Luc Mélenchon.. In May 2021 the International Festival “Song for a Miracle” took place with Susana Rinaldi, Ariel Pratt, Sudor Marica, Miguel Angel Estrella, Teresa Barodi and international musicians.

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As part of the campaign, 200 days after Salah’s arrest, a video was released with demands for his freedom. “Mr. President, it’s time to act. The rejection of the court’s decision that harms the Argentine provinces and the beginning of the political investigation of the members of the court starts that path.. “The freedom of Milagro Sala is another step towards ending the ‘foundation of democracy’ that you set out in your inauguration speech,” the letter reads.

“We look forward to fulfilling your promise in Argentina and the world to human rights organizations and Milagro to be published before January 16, 2023″, the text concludes.

“Deepening Persecution”

For its part, weeks ago, the Center for Law and Social Studies (CELS) warned Milagro stressed that the “problems against Salah run deep” and that the Supreme Court’s ruling upholding the conviction against him “does not alter the state’s duty to protect the physical and mental health of the community leader”. Need for an Inter-American Court of Human Rights”. Argentina Northwest (ANDHES), together with human rights lawyers, denounced before the Inter-American Organization the systematic persecution of Governor Gerardo Morales against Salah and the Tupac Amaru neighborhood. It was spelled out Before the demands of radical Caudillo’s judicial operators, Tupac’s leader is sent back to a common prison.

The new attack on Salah comes after a court ruling on January 16 that will see him jailed for seven years. CELS filed an amicus curiae warning of irregularities in the process, but could not get the Supreme Court to examine it. Among other points, he pointed out the obstacles to using the adequate defense, the constitutional problems derived from an imprecise charge based on the statistic of “unlawful association”, and he highlighted the limitations Samper experienced. He was kept away from the debate for more than two months, during which 19 hearings and 70 witnesses testified. The confirmation indicates that the Inter-American Court can now analyze facts and evidence that the Argentine court did not want to analyze.

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