January 27, 2023

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Leopoldo López: “When I listen to Alberto Fernández, I hear an accomplice in the crimes of the Maduro dictatorship”

Venezuelan protester Leopoldo Lopez (EFE/Alberto Valdés/Archive)

Venezuelan opposition leader Leopold Lopez He talked about this Thursday Statement by the UN Mission points directly to the dictator Nicolás Maduro As a responsible person Crimes against humanity confirmed in the country.

Maduro is responsible for crimes against humanity, but not only him. his wife, Cilia flowers; Y God given hairAmong other things too”, he said in conversation Edward Feynman for Radio meter From Buenos Aires.

“Maduro’s repressive forces beat, choked and gave people electric shocks. I am reading your report,” he said. He then added:They are heinous crimes, crimes reminiscent of Argentina’s past. This report speaks not only of the past, but also of the present of Venezuela.

He then referred to the statements of the Argentine president. Alberto FernandezWHO At the UN General Assembly, Maduro called for the lifting of sanctions against the dictatorship. “I am very surprised by this stance of the so-called human rights defenders. “There is political and economic complicity,” he said.

I add: “When I hear Fernandez say that sanctions should be lifted, I hear that he was complicit in all these crimes.”.

Alberto Fernandez urges UN to lift sanctions against Maduro regime
Alberto Fernandez urges UN to lift sanctions against Maduro regime

Lopez spoke further Migration crisis in his country. “The tragedy that Venezuela is experiencing has created the largest refugee crisis on the planet, not caused by a war or a natural disaster. It was created by the dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro”, he emphasized.

Asked what it was like to live in a Venezuelan prison, where he spent four years in prison, the opponent described: “Venezuelan prisons are hell. I had to go through that hell in solitary confinement.

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And he continued: “There was no electricity, it was 12 hours a day in darkness. Food was served. He had no drinking water. My family were stripped when they met me. These are growing stories. In the report we find hundreds of accounts of people who have gone through the same thing.

Finally, he returned to Fernandez’s claims, commenting: “Every voice that shows solidarity with Nicolás Maduro shows solidarity with these tortures. The Venezuelan tragedy has many edges. This report (from the UN) describes one of those edges.

Juan Guaidó (REUTERS/Leonardo Fernández Viloria/File)
Juan Guaidó (REUTERS/Leonardo Fernández Viloria/File)

On Wednesday, Venezuela’s interim president, Juan Quito, The same Argentine spoke on radio And revealed: “The report is harrowing as it describes the tragedy and violation of human rights victimsThe impunity with which dictatorships operate and the resistance of a society that refuses to surrender”.

“We are facing daily rule. The threat is legitimate. “Previous reports speak not only of the torture of the victims, but of the persecution of their relatives and circles, the violation of fundamental rights, censorship and the displacement of indigenous communities,” Guaidó continued.

He then highlighted: “Beyond the title of the report, which is very serious, I recommend reading the testimonies of men and women who have had to resist all forms of abuse. (…) There are hundreds of pieces of evidence showing that it is not isolated elements. They are legitimate (abuses), they point to the democratic alternative and the opposition”.

And he condemned: “There was a systematic program of human rights abuses that pointed directly to Nicolás Maduro. This is a very serious item. And (the report) demonstrates the resistance of an entire community that did not give up.

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“The lack of restraint, the arrogance and the feeling that they are not going to answer in justice, leads to these kind of Dantesque crimes. This makes it the continent’s worst dictatorship in the 21st century”, Guaidó pointed out.

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