February 4, 2023

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La Palma volcano “Lava tsunami” caused by the largest earthquake since the eruption began

The eruption of the volcano on the Spanish island of La Palma led to the “tsunami” volcano this Friday., Defined by geologists, which has caused Very active laundry The current third follows its progression and magma It already affects 732 hectares of land.

Gumbre Vija Volcano is established at one point in which it emits more volcano and less ash.

This high contribution of magma reached a speed of 250 meters yesterday morning, which increased the number of hectares affected (732) and the number of buildings destroyed (1,817) and the number of kilometers of buried roads (56.4).

The scientific team of the Canary Islands Volcanic Emergency Project (Bevolka) has verified the presence of lava in all streams that were considered practically halted in those days.

This is not a “major contribution” of matter, but a “slow-feeding flow” for them, so the National Geographic Institute says these other flows cannot be “ruled out” subject to short-term evolution.

The most active ones are located north of the original stream and about a kilometer from the shore, so when they reach the ocean they are expected to form a new bar, although it depends on the morphology of the area and what its final path is.

La Laguna is concerned about a third “finger” detached from the more active wash that flows into the neighborhood, although experts believe it will not affect the city.

The earthquake continues

The epicenter was reported below the Pacific Ocean floor, however; no tsunami alert was issued. The epicenter was reported below the epicenter.

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Ruben Fernandez, Bevolka’s technical director, believes earthquakes are more likely to occur above that level, but focus on greater depths.

In terms of air quality, the daily average of sulfur dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere has not been exceeded and the hazard limits for people exposed to metals in the air have not been exceeded.

However, the peaks of these gates can be detected at specific times and in certain areas, usually episodes that last for a very short period of time.

You may worsen the air quality over the next few hours, Can generate specific prison orders for a few hours. The operation of La Palma Airport may also be affected, although it is not yet clear as the wind will blow weakly.

Furthermore, the arrival of an air mass with dust from the Sahara is expected to coincide with the ash, indicating unfavorable conditions in terms of air quality.