January 27, 2023

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Kosovo approves new border norms to reduce tension with Serbia

File photo of members of NATO forces in Kosovo, KFOR (REUTERS/Laura Hasani)

The government of Kosovo postponed last Sunday the application of the new border rules that unleashed tensions in the north of the country, where los serbios étnicos blocked the roads and unos desconocidos shot against the police.

La policía closed on Sunday two pasos bordererizos con Serbia tras el incidente, en el que hubo hubo hidos, según un comunicado de la policía.

Kosovo proclaimed its independence from Serbia in 2008, but ethnic Serbs, who are mostly in the northern region, do not recognize the authority of Pristina. Siguen siendo políticamente loyales a Serbia, que aún les proporcia apoyo financiero.

Las ultimas tensionse se produjeron después de que Pristina said that, as of Monday, people who enter Kosovo with Serbian identity documents will have to replace them with a temporary document during their stay in the country. The government also said that ethnic Serbs who have vehicle registrations issued by Serbia will have to change them for Kosovo registrations within two months.

The Prime Minister, Albin Kurti, said on Sunday that it was a reciprocal measure, since Belgrade demands the same from the citizens of Kosovo who enter Serbia.

Kosovo closed its borders with Serbia

But, tras reunirse con el embajador de Estados Unidos en Kosovo, Jeffrey Hovenier, quien dijo a los journalistes que había solicitado a Pristina que aplicación del nuevo régimen se plazara 30 días, el gobierno se comprometió a hacerlo.

El gobierno dijo en un comunicado que Pospondría la application de las two decisions until el 1 de septiembre, buscando que “se retiren todas las barricadas y se establezca la plena libertad de circulación” el lunes.

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El jefe de la política exterior de la EUJosep Borrell, saludó en Twitter la decision de Pristina y dijo que espera que “todas las barricadas fueran retireda immediatente”.

El domingo por la night, hundreds of people of Serbian ethnicity parked trucks, tank trucks and other heavy transport vehicles on the roads towards the crosses of Jarinje and Brnjak with Serbia, blocking the traffic, said an AFP correspondent.

Kosovo closed its borders with Serbia

Large crowds of local Serbs gathered around the barricades with the intention of staying there.

“El ambiente ha llegado a un punto de ebullición”, dijo primera hora del Sunday the Serbian president, Aleksandar Vucic, who warned that “Serbia will win” if the Serbs are attacked.

Kosovo closed its borders with Serbia

Kurti accused Vucic of starting the “disturbios”.

The peace forces of the KFOR mission, directed by NATO, qualified in a communique the security situation in the north of Kosovo as tense.

The last major tensions in the region were produced in September, when hundreds of people of Serbian ethnicity staged daily protests and blocked traffic at the two border crossings. “La mission de la KFOR (Kosovo Force) directed by NATO is watching closely and is prepared to intervene if the stability is compromised, according to its mandate, proceeding from the Resolution 1244 of 1999 of the Security Council of the United Nations”, he said in a communique.

Kosovo is already recognized by a hundred states, including the United States and most EU countries, but Serbia refuses to do so.