May 30, 2023

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Justice seizes property of Alberto Nisman’s mother and sister | Federal Judge Julian Ergolini investigates money laundering maneuvers

Federal Judge Julian Ergolini has ordered a public ban on the assets of the mother and sister Alberto Nisman, Sarah Carfungal and Sandra Nisman, From the technologist Diego Lagomercino And the employer Claudio Beacon, Possible maneuvers in one case Financial fraud. Nisman’s undeclared account was found on the ballpark of this file Merrill Lynch Bank of New York, With minimally suspicious activity $ 666,690. A month after the lawyer died, his ex-partner Sandra Arroyo Salcado Provided the data to the judge. The equity investigation found other suspicious assets such as real estate in Uruguay, a trust building apartments in Palermo and a high-quality car. An expert report is ongoing, but the case cannot go much further with the pending decisions of the Supreme Court.

When opening an account in the United States, Nisman According to the Página / 12 report he lied in disguise as the owner of the money. That’s why he made headlines in the form of Carbungel, his sister Sandra and Lacomarcino. He registered himself as a lawyer and claimed to be a lawyer, thereby concealing his true work. “Political exposure”. Finsen, the US anti-money laundering agency, has blocked the account of these discrepancies. Beacon has deposited about $ 200,000 in it, while Nissman appeared at trial as the owner of a used Audi Q3. Arroyo Salcado learned of its existence because, after the lawyer’s death, Sandra Nisman said she could not access the account because she did not have a password and the bank told Lacomercino that it was.

The first judge of the case, Rodolfo Kanigoba Corel, And attorney Juan Pedro Sony, They were all summoned for questioning, but at the request of the Federal Chamber Corfungal’s attorney, Pablo Lanous, the magistrate was transferred out of fear of discrimination. He had publicly stated that he was determined to commit money laundering. Some time after Johnny Commodore left the bag, the acting lawyer was displaced Eduardo couple When he wanted to inquire by mail Mauricio Macri, Whose lawyer is Lanusse. The case went to court Claudio Bonadio, And after his death he had two more judges. There was a lot of opposition to moving a case forward that would expose the corruption of a federal lawyer. Marcelo Martínez de Giorgi Ordered the first battery of related tests after a long time, following a challenge from the Chamber last January. He also seized the property on suspicion that it could be confiscated in the future due to the duration of the trial, but the Court of Appeals overturned that decision, saying it was “excessive” and not justified.

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Ergolini, now intervening as a proxy, doubled the bet: he ordered a general ban on assets, and in his resolution, described the doubts about some of them.

* Garfunkel holds property in his name “Puplomio chacross de Manontiels” in Punta del Este Worth $ 288,035.

* Regarding the account at Merrill Lynch, the judge says the transfers were for $ 666,690. “Suspicious Activities” And beacon deposit details.

* Indicates payment for 1,208,443,998 pesos from Garfunkel “Torego Trust 1771” An account was opened in the possession of the Banco Ciudad Court for the construction of two-story apartments with a garage in Palermo.

* The Audi Q3 The domain MPC641, a high-end car used by Nissman, appears in May 2013 with a value of 369,740 pesos (currently 6,835,972.42 pesos). It is a judicial deposit in the name of Claudio Picón.

For now, in addition to the analysis of the assets, Martinez de Giorgi, “Historical Economic Evolution of Defendants’ Income and Expenses, Ms. Sarah Karbungel and Sandra Ruth Nisman, Mrs. Diego Engel Lacomercino and Claudio Picón, as well as Mr. Alberto Natalio, against the management of the criminals. He was in charge of a panel of forensic experts specializing in related cases, sent him available documents and demanded that AnsesAFIP analyze the information of BCRA, Nosis, Fidelitas and Veraz. Should be taken as a parameter, “the judge said Call shortcuts, bank account confiscation, “Inheritance List” and Nisman’s file as a lawyer. For now everything is still there, we’ll see.