February 4, 2023

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Judge orders IPS to euthanize Martha Zebulveda

Martha Cebulveda. (Photo: Cultura Colectiva News)

The day before Martha Sepulveda was summoned, her IPS, the Colombian Institute of Pain, decided to euthanize her, and she unexpectedly canceled the appointment, promising that a new scientific team had determined the woman.As taken into account in the first commission, it did not meet the dismissal criteria.

After that decision, Zebul Veda appealed to the courts, a judge’s verdict was announced on October 27, giving this IPS patient 48 hours to agree on a new date for the use of euthanasia.

“Provide constitutional legal protection to protect the fundamental rights to die with dignity, to a dignified life, and to the development of an independent personality and human dignity. IPS Instituteo Colombiano del Dollar SAS Violates Ms Martha Lyria Sepulveda Combo, In the minutes published on August 6 this year, in the minutes published on August 6 this year, in order to meet the requirements, the aforementioned IPS has been ordered to comply with the August 6 this year, established by the All Departmental Science Committee. The judiciary must exercise the right to die with dignity through euthanasia established by precedent, ”the verdict said.

Similarly, it orders Inkodol either through its legal representative or through its operator Ms. Martha Liria agrees with Sebulveda for an indefinite period of forty-eight, The day and time on which the euthanasia process is carried out, as long as it maintains its will to carry it out.

The ruling said, “Claims brought before the Ministry of Health and Social Security should not be accepted, as they are general rules, within the proper framework of its qualifications. He is taking steps to incorporate the new ideas established by the Constitutional Court. In C 233 of 2021, in its resolutions on the right to die with dignity ”.

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IPS in its conclusion 2021 is based on Article 26 of Resolution 971 No. 26.6. Ministry of Health, Assigns within its functions a committee to review the application process and the complete euthanasia procedure in order to identify any circumstances affecting its development.

After the court expanded access to decent death in Colombia, Sebulveda’s case gained national relevance as he was the first patient to be diagnosed with a disease-free disease accepted for the procedure.

The process was about to happen Last Sunday, October 10 at 7 p.m.A few days ago Zebul Veda left everything to leave this world. But the situation was complicated by his own IPS brake.

So much so that until this October 27th, The The Ministry of Health ruled on the decision of the Constitutional Court, And it was questioning the whole text “Apparent ambiguity” and contradictions; Therefore, it asks for more clarity and refuses to regulate this type of process.

Company questions about the sentence: What is meant by deep physical or mental suffering? Or, to access a dignified death through euthanasia, to what extent should patients go to health institutions? The portfolio describes a number of considerations, including the fact that not all health professionals have the necessary tools. Determine the extent of the acute and incurable disease.

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