April 1, 2023

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Juan José Campanella: “If I were Mauricio’s friend, I would recommend him not to run for office”

Argentine film director Juan José Campanella. (Photo: EFE/Dono Gil/File)

Film director facing presidential election Juan Jose Campanella He expressed his opinion on the current political situation and also talked about the situation in the country PRO and sent advice to the former President Maurizio Macri. “If I were your friend, I would suggest you not contest the election,” he said.

The legendary filmmaker refused to name a candidate as his “favourite” because, he assured, “this is not the time”. He, however, analyzed the current political scene and highlighted the former president’s “brilliant” stance.

As the election approaches, tensions within PRO become more and more noticeable Patricia Bullrich Y Horacio Rodriguez Larreta. Similarly, Mauricio Macri has yet to publicly rule out running for office, so anticipation is growing as to what his definition will be.

When asked about the possibility of the former president running for the next election, Campanella assured: “If I am a friend, I am not Mauricio’s friend, but if I am I suggest not”. He also argued that he thought “this is the only time in history that a president who has lost an election will retire trashed” and that “a lot of us want to hear what he has to say, and we know what he has to say.”

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In conversation with LN+ Macri has a daughter who is about to enter adolescence, and we know what the policy is as far as families are concerned,” Campanella said. Still, “many people from space are waiting for it and will vote for it,” he noted. I think the internship will be over if he gets in”.

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“I know prisoners, I know what prisoners in America are like. We don’t have a gym. What I’m curious to know is that the two PRO candidates (Bulrich and Horacio Rodríguez Lauretta) make it clear that they are all going to work for whoever wins. The fight sometimes borders on tripping,” analyzed the director of the film.

When asked who his favorite candidate was, Campanella bluntly said, “It’s not the time,” and rattled off the virtues of the two front-runners. “I want us to have a system that has both, and it’s very clear what the strengths of each are. Horacio Rodríguez Larreta’s management is to get things done, and Patricia Bulrich’s strength is her commitment.

In this sense, he noted, “there have been many consequences of Bullrich’s tenure as defense minister.” Among them they have another, let’s see how the interior develops, it depends on each Argentine “. In addition to this, he highlighted Rodríguez Larreta and “his administrative skills and works and tells us that he is the right person and that he is the right person to destroy all the evil that all the people of Patricia need to be destroyed.”

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