February 4, 2023

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JohnBennet Ramsey, the child beauty queen who was murdered at the age of 6, has never received justice

Many people said that John Bennet Ramsay Era “The most beautiful woman in the world”. At the age of 6, he already achieved many successes Child Beauty Awards She comes from a family with a good economic background, which seemed an enviable harmony for her neighbors in Colorado.

But at Christmas 1996 everything changed, just a little Found killed In the basement of his house. The case shocked the world and generated thousands of theories about who might have killed her.

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In 2017, Netflix Released a documentary About the girl’s death. It has even been suggested that JonBenet is not dead and that she is actually singer Katy Perry due to the great physical resemblance between the two. The latter was denied by the artist on several occasions.

JonBenét Ramsey lived with his family in a house in Colorado. (Photo: Unexplained Disappearances)

JonBenét Ramsey lived in Colorado with her family

JonBenet was born on August 6, 1990 in the state of Georgia, USA. She is the daughter of John Ramsey, a computer entrepreneur, and Patricia “Patsy” Ramsey, a homemaker and ex. Beauty pageant contestant During his youth. In addition, the girl had a brother, Burke, who was three years older than her.

Encouraged by her mother, the girl participated in everything Children’s beauty pageants Made in your country.

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For Patricia, taking JonBenét to participate in competitions did not represent any difficulties, since he had a limited amount of possession. their own dreams. So, at the age of 6, the girl had already won awards such as National Tiny Miss Beauty and Little Miss Colorado.

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How was JonBenét Ramsey’s last Christmas?

After dinner on December 25, the Ramsay family visited some friends and returned home early the next day. They are going to travel From Colorado—where he lives—to Michigan, newspaper articles of the time reported.

Patricia got up at 5:30 am and went to the ground floor of her house to prepare breakfast. Before ending the path to the kitchen, Got a hint Leaning on the ladder.

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The Ramseys lived in Boulder, Colorado.  (Photo: Unexplained Disappearances)
The Ramseys lived in Boulder, Colorado. (Photo: Unexplained Disappearances)

In the handwriting, the text said that a band had abducted JoanBenet As the British newspaper pointed out, they asked for almost 120,000 dollars in ransom. Daily Mail.

Frustrated by what had happened, “Patsy” immediately called the Boulder police. When he contacted the agents, that was their first recommendation I will search the whole house Here are some clues as to where the minor might be.

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The woman and the rest of the family followed the troopers’ recommendations. So is Father John, She was found dead The basement of the house is covered with a blanket.

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Officials have identified a potential entry point for the captives: A basement windowIt had been broken for years. Below was a lying box that would have served as a step to escape.

A few days later, an autopsy confirmed it was a girl AbusedThere was a fractured skull and signs of strangulation.

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JoanBenet's family are the prime suspects in the crime.  (Photo: Unexplained Disappearances)
JoanBenet’s family are the prime suspects in the crime. (Photo: Unexplained Disappearances)

JonBenét Ramsey’s death reverberated around the world: his family, the prime suspect

Local and world media immediately turned their eyes on the case. Assumptions about Who could have killed her? It didn’t take long for them to appear.

Many began to suspect the family itself, especially because of their particular behavior after JonBenét’s death. Until then, the news of the time tells They refused to cooperate with the police After the crime.

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Additionally, they have hired lawyers who specialize in such cases and a public relations agent Click on the links.

One of the theories raised by the media at the time was that the girl was killed by her mother. According to what happened, Patricia must have been fed up with Minor’s nocturnal incontinence for which she was beaten and Killed accidentally.

John and Patsy Ramsey during a hearing in 1998.  (Photo: Unexplained Disappearances)
John and Patsy Ramsey during a hearing in 1998. (Photo: Unexplained Disappearances)

Another theory the authorities dealt with was that her brother killed her An attack of jealousy to show off And the attention that JonBenet received. Also, it is even said that the father abused her.

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Who Killed John Benet Ramsay?

Legal investigation It was very confusing And in parallel the Ramsay family conducted their own investigation. Three years after the death, a jury voted to indict the parents, but not attorney Alex Hunter He decided not to charge them For lack of evidence.

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In 2006, an FBI expert profiled the author of the note that appeared on the stairwell. Matched with Patricia, his mother. However, two years later the judge ruled that it was family No relation with murder.

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During this time, other suspects also appeared:

  • John Mark, a Thai primary school teacher, said he killed her
  • Gary Oliva is an incarcerated pedophile living in the Ramsey neighborhood
  • Bill McReynolds, a close family friend

However, these individuals were dismissed by the investigators of the case They don’t have enough evidence Blame them.

Joan Bennet with his brother Burke.  (Photo: Unexplained Disappearances)
Joan Bennet with his brother Burke. (Photo: Unexplained Disappearances)

What happened to John Bennet Ramsay’s family?

mother, Patricia, Died of ovarian cancer At 49, a decade after her daughter was murdered and before she was singled out by a judge as one of the suspects.

Father John, 77, has been involved in politics since 2004. As the US media pointed out, currently He has a new wife.

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Older brother Burke is in his early 30s. It was only in 2017 that he gave an interview for the first time, where he acknowledged the presence of the entire family. Crime is suspected.

It has been more than 25 years since the former child beauty queen died and different people around her have been suspected of murder. To this day, however, the question remains the same as it was on Christmas 1996: Who Killed John Benet Ramsay?