February 4, 2023

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Joe Biden said he was “excited” by the results of the anti-Covit-19 pill released by Pfizer.

US President Joe Biden (Photo: EFE)

“I’m pleased with the promising data released by Pfizer today.”, The U.S. president said Tuesday. Joe Biden, In a statement from the White House.

The President promised this. “Another powerful tool In our fight against the virus, and against the Omigron variant.

Pfizer announced that it was the final review of its tablet Nearly 90% continued to work in preventing hospitalization and death of high-risk patients, And the latest laboratory data, in fact, suggest that the drug Omigron Corona retains antiviral efficacy.

“There are many more steps available for the Pfizer tablet, Including accreditation by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), ”Biden warned. The US company sought its emergency approval from the agency a month ago, Weeks later Merck Labs will do the same, There is a similar treatment.

File photo of Pfizer's Boxlowit tablet (photo: REUTERS)
File photo of Pfizer’s Boxlowit tablet (photo: REUTERS)

“To make sure we’re ready, My administration has already ordered these pills to treat 10 million Americans. The President confirmed about youAn announcement was made on November 18 when the first results of Pfizer treatment were known. The purchase will incur some costs to the state $ 5.290 million.

The government is doing what it can to ensure that these treatments exist Easily accessible and freeThen Biden said.

The White House report on Tuesday confirms that vaccines and their fortifications are the most important tools for saving lives, but “Once the pills become widely available, it will be an important step in getting us out of the infection.”

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“A combination of vaccines, boosters, tests and tablets for the sick can help reduce the impact of COVID-19 on our lives and our economy,” he said. Concludes the speech.

President Joe Biden in a file photo (Photo: REUTERS)
President Joe Biden in a file photo (Photo: REUTERS)

Last month, Pfizer announced the release of A. in its oral medication About 89% effective in preventing hospitalization or death compared to placebo, According to provisional results obtained from approximately 2,200 volunteers.

None of those who received Pfizer treatment died at trial. Compared with 12 deaths in placebo recipients.

Pfizer tablets are taken in conjunction with older antivirals Ridonavir every 12 hours for five days from the onset of symptoms. If approved, will be sold as treatment Paxlovit.

Pfizer also released preliminary data from a second clinical trial showing it Treatment reduced hospital admissions by 70% in approximately 600 stable-risk adults.

Pfizer Science Director Michael Tolston (Photo: REUTERS / Neil Hall)
Pfizer Science Director Michael Tolston (Photo: REUTERS / Neil Hall)

“This is a surprising decision,” Pfizer’s chief science officer said in an interview. Michael Tolston.

“We are talking about hospitals where a surprising number of lives have been saved and avoided. Of course, If it is implemented quickly after infection, we can greatly reduce the spread“, He pointed out.

Tolston said he hopes the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other regulatory bodies will soon recognize its use among high-risk individuals.

“We are in the most advanced regulatory negotiations with both Europe and the United Kingdom, and we have held discussions with most of the major regulatory bodies worldwide.”, afirmó Tolston.

There is currently no oral antiviral treatment for COVID-9 licensed in the United States. The company said it may It is ready to send 180,000 treatments this year and plans to produce at least 80 million by 2022.

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