June 7, 2023

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Javier Milei’s brand new Menemist advisor, Carlos Rodríguez, gave signs of what the libertarian’s dollarization plan might look like.

Javier Millay’s brand new economic advisor is a former Menemista official Carlos RodriguezDetails on how are provided Dollarization Scheme The presidential candidate wants to impose if he becomes president and examine whether it is possible to dismantle the central bank as libertarians say.

speaks LN+, Rodríguez said that according to him, there are opportunities to implement the dollarization plan of the Argentine economy “to the extent that there is flexibility”.

“Everything a man does can be undone. Everything we did in the 90s was undone. You have to go forward. Miley is a step up,” said the economist and researcher, who was presented in the community this Wednesday alongside Roque Fernandez as a consultant to the libertarian.

Rodríguez emphasized that today “more and more people believe” in the plan proposed by La Libertad Avanza. “Now we enter La Matanza. In the 90s it was impossible, it happened”, Argument.

“At that time, Alskare was able to enter poor neighborhoods with his ideas. It’s something to keep trying. The more the Peronists screw up, the more space they give to our opinions They have to come in,” he insisted.

discussed about How similar is Miley’s economic plan to change? Rodriguez Admitting that the proposal was “not quite right”, He gave indications of what was being discussed in the sub-teams.

“He said there are several proposals, and he mentioned at least three. (One) is to use the dollarRecognize that this is a bargaining chip with Argentina, They use it as a means of value, a means of exchange, and keep it in their mattress,” the economist explained.

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In this sense, he proposed that it was the first thing they should achieve “Get off the mattresses and stop making it a crime to own dollars.” “We’re not drug dealers,” he gushes.

And he analyzed the guidelines of the economic plan: “My idea of ​​the adjustment is that Argentines are rich in dollars, we have 300 billion US dollars. What they (Miley’s opponents) compare to convertibility is to redeem all the pesos in circulation with some US$1 billion held by the Central.”

“One idea is to let existing dollars circulate and see what is done with the weights, but There are dollars to spare. And pesos are scarce, and they are very low in December. “I want to see how many paisas are left,” he continued. And he concluded: “If there is Massa, how much Massa is leaving us”.

Carlos Menem, former head of the Ministry of Economy, also mentioned Miley’s proposal. Abolish the central bankHe called it “potential.”

“Before 1935 there was no central bank and there was a currency, and Argentina and we are doing better than we are now,” he analyzed, while proposing to create a “hyperinflation museum” and replace some non-delegable functions. The monetary authority – for example, banking supervision – to the Ministry of Economy.

Carlos Rodriguez: “I don’t understand why Sergio Massa wants to be president”

Menem also expressed his opinion about former official Economy Minister Sergio Massa during the presidency. He said it was “complicated” and did not understand why the Pudukavitha Front leader “wanted to be the president”.

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“He feeds the grenade, he becomes a missile, he wants to be president to get it. I don’t understand”, revealed. And the government is “kicking everything forward to 2024 because they haven’t made any structural changes,” he said.

Rodríguez devoted some critical words against the “ruling class”, in which he said he “doesn’t want adjustments”.

“The rest of the establishment in Argentina is used to living on the blue dollar, protectionism in this Argentina. They are all very liberal, open market, living America outside the word, but each has its own place. ,” he began.

And when he touches on their niche with the sector, “They insist on you ‘touch the union’; ‘Oh, no, but cut my taxes’; ‘Oh, no, but get me out of the exchange rate gap’; ‘Oh, no. , but politicians spend a lot.

Carlos Rodríguez compared Peronism to Covid-19

The economist, who is now Millay’s adviser, took a moment to joke about Peronism. “I am 76 years old, I was born in the first year of Peron, and I am still with the Peronists. God will deliver me, They are worse viruses than covid. It’s hard to get rid of them,” he began.

Next, he proposed a “Farewell to Cristina” parade called by Christendom to the Plaza de Mayo during the May 25 Memorial Day. “Let’s get rid of her with one big act,” he joked again.


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