June 4, 2023

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Japón: sold a bunch of 27 grapes for 10,800 dollars

Un racimo de 27 grapes de una exclusiva variety que solo se cultiva en Japan fue acquisido este viernes por 1.5 milliones de yenes, lo que equivale a $10,800 dollars. The sale was made during an auction held in a mayor’s market in the Ishikawa region, in the Japanese city of Kanazawa. The price surpassed the record of 1,4 million yen, almost 10,000 dollars, established in the remate of 2021.

El racimo, que pesa 800 gramos, fue acquirido por una empresa que administra hoteles de lujo. Dicha compañía, informaron medios locales, tiene previsto servir las uvas a unos pocos huéspedes.

Pertenece a una variety premium llamada Ruby Romanconsidered la más cara del mundo. Se vende en el mercado japonés desde 2008, año en el que el primer racimo de la temporada reached a price close to a thousand dollars.

Characterized by its intense red color and large size, la variety no se commercializada a menos que fulfill con sus strictos criteria. Among them, that each grape weighs more than 20 grams, that its diameter is greater than 3.1 centimeters and that the sugar content of the bunch exceeds 18%. For this reason, the farmers of Ishikawa are waiting until this time to reach this parameter and be able to put it up for sale in a public auction that is held in the market of Kanazawa.

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