May 30, 2023

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Japan: A man disguised as a joker stabbed several people on a train 17 passengers injured: one of them, in the intensive care unit

24 year old man in Joker costume, Batman villain, The Tokyo train struck passengers on the track Sunday night, in full mobilization for Halloween celebrations. At least 17 people were injured and the condition of one is critical. The attacker was arrested.

Japanese media reports eThe attacker stabbed several passengers and set fire to one of the train compartments..

Video released by a public broadcaster NHK Showed Frightened by the spread of smoke, the passengers ran down from the train. In the meantime, you can see in other posts People climb through the window to escape Also jump to the platform where the train was hastily parked.

I thought it was a Halloween trick. But I ran out when a person came carrying a long knife. I’m very lucky I was not injured. ” Said one witness To the newspaper Yomiuri.

Another passenger, the young Joker, promised to “show no emotion” during the attack. “I did this process mechanically, without showing any emotion. I think it scared everyone.”

Local media later broke the news The suspect admitted to authorities that he “wanted to kill people and therefore he should be sentenced to death.”

The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a Kieo expressway heading to Shinjuku. The busiest train station in the world, at eight o’clock at night. Dozens of firefighters and police officers worked outside the station. Due to the incident, the service was suspended till the last hour on Sunday.

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