March 28, 2023

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Jaire Bolsanaro Condemns Condemnation in The Hague for Destroying the Amazon Jungle Baptized “Planet Vs Bolsanaro”

Presented by the Austrian environmental NGO Alice Complaint against Brazilian President Jair Bolsanaro at the International Criminal Court (ICC) For its responsibility in accelerating the deforestation of the Amazon, it has been classified as a “crime against humanity”.

Baptized “The Planet Vs Bolzano”, seeks to create a complaint law filed in court in The Hague Considering not only the actions of the Brazilian president and his administration’s attack on Amazon but also the attack on all humanity, NGO officials were informed.

“They are the lungs of our planet, so their destruction affects all of us. In the complaint, we presented evidence showing how Bolsanaro’s actions have a direct bearing on the negative effects of climate change around the world. “

The NGO complaint was attended by international legal experts lawyers Charlie and Nigel Bovos and one of the last writers Report of the International Government Committee on Climate Change (IPCC), Presented in August, by climate expert Friedrich Otto.

“Crimes against nature are crimes against humanity”

From the ecosystem they argued that emissions could be linked to the decisions of the Bolsanaro government on deforestation. They will cause an additional 180,000 deaths this century due to rising temperatures around the world.

In addition, they confirmed that their government had tried “Laws, companies and individuals that protect Amazon reject, distort and empty content.”

For which they consider responsible Loss of about 4,000 square kilometers of Amazon rainforest per year Since he took office in 2019, there has been a monthly increase in deforestation rates of up to 88 percent.

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According to the report provided with the complaint, deforestation in this part of Brazil releases more CO2 into the atmosphere than the Amazon absorbs.

“Crimes against nature are crimes against humanity,” they noted. “Jair Bolsanaro promotes great destruction of Amazonia with full knowledge of the consequences” They added that it would bring.

Bolzano was already condemned for “egoside”

ICC Attorney’s Office considers 2016 to be “environmental destruction, illegal exploitation of natural resources and land grabbing” Is a crime against humanity.

Since the inauguration of Bolzano, The The Brazilian indigenous people have filed three complaints against the president before the ICC for “egosite” or “genocide”. The president was also condemned before the event for managing the crisis of the corona virus epidemic.

This new complaint, according to its promoters, is the first of its kind Deforestation is associated with a global health impact.

The ICC, created in 2002, is not obliged to read the thousands of complaints filed before its lawyer by individuals or groups. The lawyer can decide independently which cases to refer to the court judges The judges then decide whether to allow a formal hearing.

Johannes Wesman, founder of Alice, insisted that the purpose of the complaint was “not to speak on behalf of the Brazilians”. Show the severity of massive deforestation worldwide.