January 27, 2023

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Jair Bolzano’s comment on another serious crisis in Brazil

From Rio de Janeiro

The week ended with a very strong dissatisfaction with the already worn out economy minister, Paulo Goodes, With Resignation of key members of your group, With the decision of the Government Break the budget ceiling 2022 – Presidential election year – and another victory for far-right President Jair Bolsanaro (Photo).


Thereby, the government will provide “Emergency Assistance” Can still access an unknown number of Brazilians 30 million, Around monthly value $ 70 Until December next year. This is a kind of desperate move by Bolzano, a last-ditch effort to regain lost celebrity and his most outspoken impulsive, re-elected president, should be possible. Studies show that chances are slimBut he insists: he knows that if he loses the privileged forum, his immediate path will go to the courts and then to prison.

The reaction of the sacred and invisible company known as the “financial market” was immediate. The stock market plummeted, the dollar and euro took the course of the stars, and forecasts for next year’s economy went into the shadows.


But Bolzano achieved his goal. Now, he wants more: For example, a further $ 70 in aid to truckers drowned by high fuel prices at the Olympics, and to those who can no longer afford domestic gas prices.

Economists, analysts and financial market agents are now calculating the price of all these innovations. And the first thing they say is that inflation will experience a strong increase.

Two new questions haunt the Brazilian political context.

First: What will happen to the Quitz presented by Bolzano as a “super minister” after the 2018 presidential campaign?

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Noted as a virtuous economist, but also known as a financial market speculator, Guedes topped his application for working for the bloodthirsty Pinochet government in Chile. Not even a respectable scholarly article about his author is known. Without even the dust of respect from the academic community and the market, Would you accept being a ghost in a melting government in order to hold the title of “Mr. Minister”?

Other question: Why is the Bolsanaro government not looking for other sources to fund “emergency aid”? You, for example, Telephone operators such as TIM and Telefónica, large companies such as mining company Vale and beer maker Ambev, could be fined millions of dollars. Or create a tax to pay dividends to multiple millionaires. Or increase the income tax of the super rich, even if it is maximum.

Secure port

In short, it could reduce the money allocated to amendments by deputies and senators in the national budget. These resources have no control, and their function is to rent (when not buy) the support of a significant section of both houses of Congress, so that Bolzano is not directly ousted from the presidency.

The price of play is called inflation, And it all falls on the head, starting with the poorest of the poor.

Starting with people like Paulo Guedes, the rich, the very rich, will always be safe: There is a safe harbor for them The sea