June 2, 2023

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It rose five cents in one day and sold back to $320

Informal prices resumed at the end of November, while fiscal dollars fell.

Although fiscal dollars move lower, the The dollar is blue Come back and finish $320. This Wednesday Raised five paise Thus it is equal to the price displayed three weeks ago.

With this, a stalemate in the last laps led to him touching down. $312 Last Monday.

Earlier in the week, the Christmas bonus effect and ticket sales by foreign tourists in the informal market helped ease the blue. A pause in the rise of fiscal dollars also contributed to this, which deepened the decline in this round. The MEP dollar fell 0.2% to reach $ 322,7 And liquid cash fell 1%, ending at $ 330,1.

The comeback of blue should come as no surprise Argentina is informally too late to enter the managed dollar range. At $320, it is up 55% on the year, while financial institutions are up 63% and the official is up 67.5%. All these will be 100% closed by 2023 with an inflationary curtain.

In the first days of this week, small companies and businesses went to sell tickets to pay the Christmas bonus, which also increased the withdrawal of financial dollars. Now, those pesos will turn back into dollars in the hands of wage earners who want to protect their savings.

In this round, Soybean Dollar contributed 50 million US dollarsThis allowed the central bank to end up with a net purchase balance 40 million US dollars. In this way, monetary authority accumulates a favorable balance 500 million US dollars December so far.

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In this round, the expectation of the market is set to see how the government will perform Tender this afternoonThe Finance Committee should update the maturities $411,000 million.

From Portfolio Personal Investments (PPI), “99% of December payments fall on this first test. The most relevant test of the month. Again, almost the entire fee will go into private hands at a time when refinancing is more complicated.”

“Helped by the greater liquidity of the Soybean 2.0 project, the liquidity of bank reserve requirements and the greater participation of public bodies, governments and municipalities. Treasury will cover all payments“, point.

“A good signal is necessary to start 2023 on the right foot, which already presents a wall of maturity in the first quarter”, they slide in the PPI.

The country’s risk increased

Shares fell on the Buenos Aires stock market this Wednesday, sending the Merval index down 0.8% in its peso-denominated version. In New York, ADRs performed well. After losses on most of the papers, Argentina shares ended a rebound Mostly above.

Despegar stood out the most with an increase of 8.5%, while Globant experienced a more significant decline with -2.2%.

On the bond side, most dollar headlines were lower with the Global 35 falling as much as 2.5%.

The poor performance of bonds was reflected in country risk, which rose again on Monday after hitting its lowest level since last June. Meanwhile, the JP Morgan indicator, which measures the excess cost of Argentina’s debt, advanced 0.5%. 2242 basis points.

For its part, the New York stock market closed lower after the Federal Reserve (Fed) meeting ended with an expected hike in interest rates.

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The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 0.42%, the Nasdaq Technology Index lost 0.76% and the S&P 500 lost 0.61% at the closing bell.


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