March 28, 2023

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“It cost me a lot to fulfill my duty”

A deputy from Together for Change said one of her sons was in “delicate terms”. Swim, your ground wire.

Partner Together for Change Ricardo Lopez Murphy Consequently he was honest about the adverse present in which he lived Illness of one of your relatives And how it makes it difficult for him to fulfill his responsibilities.

“There is the tenderest and most painful part I have ever experienced, and I could stop it. There was no other party. It was the only time in my life, and I say this with great pain, that I felt a great conflict between my civic duties and my affections. It cost me a lot to fulfill my duty. I did it, but it cost me,” he admitted in a head-to-head with Luis Novaresio. LN+.

After the journalist tried to investigate the topic, the United Republican Congressman explained it One of his sons was “very sensitive”. and lamented that his family “must make a supreme effort to substitute” what should have been his role as a father.

“When I took on the civic duties that I took on, I never thought that I was going to face the predicaments that I do,” she continued, her voice breaking and tears in her eyes.

Ricardo Lopez Murphy said one of his sons was in “very delicate condition.”

In the same vein, he recalls a “difficult moment” he experienced a few years ago that left an indelible mark on him: “When I was studying in America, My father got sick, he died and I couldn’t go back. In this process, the Dean of the University helped me a lot. We were both of Irish descent and had a lot in common. I studied more theology than I ever imagined in my life. In spite of the pain, it was a great experience.

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It hurts my soul, but sometimes a bad card comes out. Fortunately, I had my family. All the while, he made an extraordinary effort to catch me. I have been married for 48 years and I am not short of anything,” he said.

Ricardo Lopez Murphy: Swimming, his cable on the ground

As he puts it, swimming serves as a grounding rod for letting out negative emotions: “For me, Swimming is important. I really enjoy it. This is not just a physical fact. It helps clear my mindTo release her”.

Normally, he swims for two hours on Saturdays and two hours on Sundays, though he explains that he does it more often in the summer.

Ricardo Lopez Murphy says swimming helps him deal with family problems.
Ricardo Lopez Murphy says swimming helps him deal with family problems.

“It helps me a lot with the problems I have faced. I reflect a lot on being there. After I come out of swimming, I have a head like a baby. I feel fresh. It increases my energy, I am clean and fresh from everything. If I am the president, I will swim regularly. ,” the 71-year-old deputy closed.

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