April 1, 2023

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Israel suspends auction of tools used to tattoo prisoners in Auschwitz

A court in an Israeli city Tel Aviv Stopped a group auction Tattoo accessories Used by Nazis Identification numbers should be engraved on the skin of prisoners Torture camp Auschwitz.

It consists of eight steel dice the size of a fingernail with alternating needles, pierced into the prisoner’s skin and then pressed to apply ink. This kit was displayed on the auction company’s online page Jerusalem For the value of 40 thousand dollars.

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The sale was halted after a group of survivors of the Jewish genocide appealed to the court. “It should be in a museum or memorial center for victims Showa And not at auction to the highest bidder, ”they were told by a statement before the court handed down the sentence and told them it was“ a sign of their own misery ”.

For his part, auctioneer Mir D’Soulman, his website defined the pieces “Article Very traumatic in the Holocaust“His grandfather also defended himself by claiming to be an escapee from Nazi terror.” I am the last person who wants to hate or underestimate the value of victims ’memory and tribute. My interest is that the material reaches the right hands and does not disappear from the pages of history, ”he said.

For his part, Danny Dayan is the head of the World Massacre Memorial Center Yath Washem, He promised: “Trading these products is morally unacceptable And it only promotes the proliferation of fakes.

These products were made by a German company for health products EsculabThis is the largest collection of survivors of World War II. The other two are on display at the Auschwitz Death Camp Museum in Poland and at the Military Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia.

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