February 4, 2023

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Is it expensive or cheap in dollars?

A happy owner of many can choose a turnkey service or split the costs and finally do their accounts Build your dream home. Whichever option is chosen, the indicators will be read and the data will be evaluated, making it possible to infer whether the time is right to start a job – or not. However: How timely is this 2023?

Of course, while there is no information on the year that has just come out, data from the end of 2022 might give some clues. For now, the area authorized to create private works in a set of 176 municipalities surveyed by INDEC from the beginning of 2021, which serves as an indicator of medium-term activity, It fell again in October 2022 for the third month in a rowAccording to Pablo Lara, economist and consultant at Grupo Construa, the total approved volume stands at 1.13 million square meters.

“What has been observed in recent months is the gradual contraction of the area authorized to create private works in all the main municipalities of the country (with an important and logical diversity between the different jurisdictions). ‘Renewal’ after the paralysis caused by the pandemic and ‘isolation’ in 2020, Not to mention a decadence sector expectations in the medium term,” he assesses.

Build in 2023: Turnkey or Segregated Costs?

At Grupo Coria, a developer company in different countries of the GBA, they mention it Covered m2 construction offered by its turnkey service is around u$s 700. This service is ready to use after the user has already entered his home as explained earlier in the same section. Juan Pablo Fernandez, director of the company, provides guidance on how the process begins and what goods and services are included in the budget calculation.

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As indicated, in principle, it is necessary to distinguish the levels. “Once the study is selected according to the client’s preference, The preliminary planning process begins Contains first approximations of what the customer wants. It includes floor plans with measurements, views and inspection renderings. This phase costs 2% of the total cost, based on a cost of US$800 per closed m2 of construction.

Specifically, according to the architect, if the client chooses to proceed with the process, the plan itself is given way, which defines the nature and scope of the work to be created. “It should be clarified that the project includes the necessary technical documents for construction and final delivery, the signature of the expert and their social security contributions and prior delivery and approval to the relevant agencies,” notes Fernández.

A covered square meter of construction offered through its turnkey service is around US$700.

The project will cost 6% of the total meters to be constructed. “The cost of the preliminary plan is absorbed by the project. It should be clarified that the base price for determining the price of the quotation is only a reference and may be higher or lower than the actual construction cost. , which will be quoted according to the construction plan”.

As soon as the work starts It is necessary to contract the construction management which has a cost of 4% of the total Budget work that verifies the faithful interpretation of the project, controls the interpretation of technical documents and verifies the development and operation of the work. It is, ultimately, a technical control of the task before the principal. Finally, Fernandez coordinates, the builder who executes the project according to the technical documents, the work is quoted according to each project.

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Is it expensive or cheap to build a house in 2023?

In relation to the situation, the proposal to build the building is currently being consulted, notes the architect Veronica Lopez, owner of the construction company Triarq Construcciones. On a general basis The price per m2 is between u$s900 and u$s1000, The same values ​​as before the pandemic, a period, the professional points out, reached US$600.

“Logically, It is more convenient to buy a ready-made house than to build it exactly according to the customer’s taste and preferences., establishing comparison, professional responds. “Whether it is expensive or cheap, everything depends on the house you want to build, and it does not depend on the wall, but on what coatings are chosen. It depends on the pipe you choose or the floors you want to place, For example, where are the differences”, he defines.

How Much Impact Does Labor Have in Today’s Business Equation? In this sense, industry circles are taking note Manpower Costs HH They are still relatively low, especially compared to other markets such as Uruguay, a person working in this sector can earn up to 50% more than someone working in the local market. “Even though he’s recovering, it’s very low-impact,” López concludes.