April 1, 2023

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International travel and accommodation: destinations where Argentinians who flew abroad spent the most in 2022.

More than 6 in 10 Argentines who took a flight abroad did so for leisure reasons. (Shutterstock)

In recent years, established activities National Government To encourage foreign travel – such as the implementation of the tourist dollar – but Argentinians continue to travel and spend outside the country.

According to him National Institute of Statistics and Census (INTEC), In 2022, Argentines spent 3,329.2 million US dollars abroad, counting only those who left the country. Ezeiza International Airport And to him George Newberry Airport.

2,146,100 people made international trips from those places. According to the records of the national organization, the average length of stay of Argentines outside the country is 20.6 nights and the average daily expenditure between them all is 75.6 dollars.

Outside of the general data, very large differences can be observed depending on the destination of tourists. According to reports from “International Tourism Statistics” from INDECThe biggest dollars left in this way in 2022 Europe.

Argentina left 1,125.9 million USD in European countries in 2022. A total of 509,600 Argentinians traveled to the Old Continent last year, staying an average of 32.5 nights.

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Second, they are seen together. USA and Canada. 408,000 Argentinians traveled to North American countries last year, with flights from CABA and one of the two main airports in Buenos Aires almost always talking about. Together they left USD 764.1 million for those destinations, achieving the highest average daily spend (USD 91.1 per day).

The geographical area recognized by the statistical reports ranks third “The rest of America” (mainly covering Central American countries). 483,500 Argentinians will travel to the region and spend US$689.4 million in 2022. If so, the average daily cost is US$78.3 per person.

Further Brazil It played an important role in draining tourism dollars. According to data published by INDEC, between January and December last year, 447,100 Argentines traveled to the neighboring country by air. The average stay was 13.2 nights and the average daily spend reached USD 69.9. In total, Argentine “air” tourists spent US$395 million on the destination.

It is important to clarify that if we take into account the number of tourists who traveled by land or water, when talking about Argentina’s expenses in neighboring countries, the account will increase a lot. truly, UruguayAppearing to be one of the least visited countries in “air tourism”, Argentina is usually one of the top three destinations chosen by land transport.

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Despite the 2022 soccer World Cup, Qatar does not appear on the list of most visited countries, nor on Argentina’s most spent places, nor in the Persian Gulf region.

It should also be considered that the stay in distant countries can be long; They are less frequent trips and the price of the ticket does not justify the shorter duration, which leads to a higher total cost in these cases.

Beyond costs and length of stay, there are other factors that can be analyzed. According to INDEC data, 62.8% of Argentines who flew abroad through Ezeiza and Aeroparque in 2022 went for vacation, 17.8% for business, 16.9% to visit family or friends, and the remaining 2.5% for “other reasons.”

Europe is one of the most chosen tourist destinations by Argentina in 2022. Reuters

An interesting fact is that 33.4% of Argentine travelers stayed in 4 and 5 star hotels and only 20.6% stayed in 1, 2 and 3 star hotels. The rest was split between relatives’ homes and “other types of accommodation”.

Finally, nine out of ten people in Argentina traveled without a contracted tour package. Only 9.9% hired a travel agency to organize their vacation.

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