April 1, 2023

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Influential Vita Aranda who was killed at the Jumina festival in Paraguay

Vita Aranda (IG / Vidaranda)

29-year-old Christina “Vita” Aranta was shot in the head while attending a Joumina festival in Paraguay this weekend, shocking her surroundings and the public.

Yolanda González, director of the Itauguá National Hospital, told the Paraguayan media. Did not object to the severity of the gunshot wound Head high during the Joumina Festival in San Bernardino.

“She came in so seriously, she stopped. They tried to revive her for 25 minutes, but unfortunately she did not come out.”, The medical director told the show Great football Telefuture. The young woman, with material loss of brain and a predictable prognosis, arrived in a coma before succumbing to her injuries.

(IG / Vidaranta)
(IG / Vidaranta)

In addition, the police further pointed out Another unidentified person died In filming at the time The reasons or possible authors are unknown.

Aranda became famous as a participant in the TV show Call 7, and established himself as a well-known influencer for the various brands he advertised on his social networks. In addition, he introduced himself as an entrepreneur and presented his clothing brand “Vita”.

He Ivan the Terrible has been married for 10 years to “Tito” Torres. And with him he had three children. They recently announced in a statement that they were splitting up and divorcing. However, ABC The couple promised to be together at the festival.

(IG / Vidaranta)
(IG / Vidaranta)

The Paraguayan media recalled that Vita was the daughter of former San Pedro police director Cristiano Ronaldo, who was accused of plotting and carrying out an extortion operation against the drug network..

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Entrepreneur, who owns the Vita clothing brand, was born in Sacco and began her career as a model at the age of 15.


Some local media outlets have been circulating versions of the presence of an assailant in the area due to drug immigration, which has not yet been confirmed by authorities. The main target of the assassin is Ederson Salinas Benitez, the other man who is said to be the kidnapper.

The other wounded were accidental because they were, unfortunately, close to attack.

Today, some men carry the victim of a shooting recorded at a concert in San Bernardino (Paraguay).  EFE / Stringer
Today, some men carry the victim of a shooting recorded at a concert in San Bernardino (Paraguay). EFE / Stringer

“At first we thought it was fireworks,” a witness told the portal ABC. But then he saw the crowd of people trying to get out, and the danger took on a dimension. “They asked you to register for the vaccine to enter the concert. My friend did not bring her card, but she stepped inside. They were not looking for our bag. They did not check anything, ”he said.

Journalist Lisandra Aguilar wrote on her Twitter account:I was singing the songs of Phenomio de Oro on the top of my lungs and saw a woman fainting when she saw a woman being killed. People started running, some were stained with blood, things were thrown, noise, nerves occupied me. Today I value life so much. Theories of what was going on began to develop, and we even heard that a group of 10 armed men were killing everyone. Terrible uncertainty”.

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