May 30, 2023

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Inflation of food items is coming down Food rose 0.60 percent in the fourth week of October

In Food and beverage prices rose by an average of 0.60 percent in the third week of November. In this way, put a comment Main brake Compared to the second week of the month, prices rose 1.2 percent in full negotiations with food companies through the Fair Prices Program. Fruits with high magnification.

Prices are published weekly through the Internet LCG Consultant Over the past week, 8,000 food and drink prices have accelerated by more than half a point. With these data, monthly inflation reached an average of 5 percent. This week’s increases were mainly due to increases of 1.3 percent in beverages, 0.8 percent in dairy products and 1.3 percent in vegetables.

From the consultancy they attributed the decline to the implementation of fair prices: “We survey supermarkets, A condition of rejecting invoices with an increase of more than 4 percent should have intervened“Warning.

By product

The Fruit type leads to monthly inflation The final increase was 12.4 percent. In The second place is dairy products and eggs It has increased by an average of 7.4 percent over the past four weeks. Condiments item with 7.2 percent increase over time followed closely by sugar item with 7.1 percent increase. In fifth place, still ahead of average monthly inflation, were bakery products, cereals and pasta, followed by condiments, up 6.4 percent and oils, up 5 percent.

Below average monthly increases, but with significant increases, were beverages and infusions (4.8 percent), vegetables (4.1 percent) and meat (1.9 percent). As in other months, there are no products at low prices.

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For the first time this year, all categories showed a week-on-week increase of less than 2 percent. Beverages and vegetables grew by 1.3 per cent each, followed by oils (1.2 per cent), takeaways (1 per cent), dairy products and eggs (0.8 per cent), condiments (0.8 per cent) and baked goods by 0.7 per cent. Meat (0.1 percent) and sugar (0.1 percent) were below weekly averages. A 0.4 percent decline in the fruit category moderated the overall rise.

Week in price

With October inflation released, Economy Minister Sergio Massa bet on anchoring food prices. Reasonable pricesThe plan, which freezes the prices of 1,500 products manufactured by 100 companies for 120 days and caps the remaining products sold by participating companies, has a monthly hike guidance of up to 4 percent. The same 120 days at sale price for supermarkets and wholesalers. It started ruling in November and they aim to chart a path through March.

One of the economic events this week is the official inflation data and the Increases in basic baskets It measures poverty and distress for the month of October, which showed the highest growth in the last 20 years. The basic food basket (CBA), which measures the amount of income a household needs to be considered destitute, rose 9.5 percent in October compared to the previous month, while the total basic basket (CBT) calculates. Earnings were not to be poor, and rose strongly and were the biggest increase of the year with 9 percent.

The CBA has grown by 100.8 per cent over the past year, while CBT stood at 93.1 per cent. Similar rises have not been recorded since the end of convertibility in April 2002, for a monthly comparison, when the first was up 17 percent and the second, up 14.2. The increases recorded in October were higher than the dynamics of the general price index, which measures headline inflation, which stood at 6.3 percent for the month.

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