February 4, 2023

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Infections increase, cities close and anxiety increases

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In Argentina, cases are growing

The National Ministry of Health said on Tuesday 9,336 people are affected daily in Argentina Corona virus. Number not registered for more than 100 days. What else, Others were reported 24 deaths, A total of 116,953 deaths have been officially recorded nationally 5,404,380 people have been affected since the outbreak.

The Department of Health pointed out that they 803 Coronavirus hospitalization in the intensive care unit accounts for 35.1% of adult beds in the public and private sectors in the country and 38.2% in the Buenos Aires metropolitan area.

WHO: “This is very serious and we are very concerned”

WHO Director-General Tetros Adonom warns of Caprice “Strong evidence” of vaccinated people Govit-19 Or victims, “can get Omicron variant”, Its spread around the world is increasing day by day, which is why he urged to cancel the New Year celebrations.

“This is very serious and we are very concerned (about Omigron)”, Tetros stressed that reports (not the primary variant globally) indicating that this variant causes more mild disease than the delta are not representative.

France expects 100,000 cases daily

Health Minister Olivier Vernon said today that the number of new corona virus cases in France could rise to 100,000 a day by the end of December due to the rapid spread of the Omigron virus. “By the end of the month we will have crossed 100,000 infections. That is what is expected in the models.”The minister said in an interview with the BFM-TV network. The official also announced that the country would launch a vaccination campaign for children between the ages of 5 and 11. France registered nearly 73,000 new cases, 15,132 more than the previous day.

In Canada they close bars, clubs and gyms and suspend private meetings

The western Canadian province of British Columbia has announced the closure of bars, clubs and gyms due to the Omigron variant of the corona virus. Thus becoming the second person to take such action. From midnight today, all of these companies will have to close their doors, and all events with seated people will have to reduce their capacity by 50%. Indoor meetings, including weddings, are canceled.

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Isolate a city of 13 million people in China

Chinese authorities imposed the ban CyanCity with a population of 13 million, In the center is the capital of Shanxi Province China, Due to the spread of Govt. As Beijing prepares to host the Winter Olympics in February next year, China is on high alert against Kovit. Following the discovery of 52 new cases today, Xian imprisonment was decided Corona virus, They are 143 in total.

Israel is using a fourth dose to propagate the Omigron variant of Kovit-19

Israel is set to introduce a fourth dose of the Kovit-19 vaccine People over the age of 60 or compromised immune system and health workers, as part of a campaign to increase vaccination and counter the spread of the Omigran variant.

A panel of experts from the Ministry of Health recommended that those who meet the requirements should receive a fourth vaccine four months after receiving the third vaccine.

Spain: Regions want new restrictions due to corona virus outbreak

Eight regions Spain, Including Andalusia, Valencia and the Basque Country, Pressure on the government Additional restrictions should be imposed as cases continue to increase Govt19, Within an hour of a meeting with the President of Spain Pedro Sanchez And regional leaders will discuss new measures.

With more than 600 cases per 100,000 citizens in the last 14 days, more than twice as many as at the end of last year, Spain is once again in a danger zone, according to the Ministry of Health.

Visitors to Brazil will need a health passport to stop the Omicron variant

Government of Brazil ‘S presentation will be required Vaccine certification For foreign travelers, After compliance with a request made by the Supreme Federal Court (STF) regarding the origin of the Ómicron variant of the corona virus.

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The resolution states that visitors must submit to the PT-PCR test at airports and ports with a vaccination certificate issued at least 14 days prior to departure for Brazil.

Germany restricts social interactions due to the rise of corona virus cases

Germany Meetings for 10 people only on Tuesdays And banned from the public at New Year’s celebrations and major sporting events from December 28th. Covit-19 Omigron variant.

On Tuesday, 23,428 new infections and 462 deaths were reported, bringing the total death toll in Germany to 108,814.

Finland tightens controls and strengthens vaccination

Prime Minister of Finland, Sanna Marin, The Nordic nation of 5.5 million people is reported to be intensifying vaccination for 800,000 citizens (15%) who have not yet been vaccinated. He also said the hotel industry’s opening hours would be limited, sales of goods would be banned from 9pm on December 24 and companies would be closed at 10pm.

Until December 28, the restrictions will be further tightened and restaurants will have to stop serving at 5:00 pm and close at 6:00 pm, an hour later, Marina told the Europa Press news agency.

The UK is reducing the number of isolation days for vaccinated patients from 10 to 7 days

British Government Wednesday reduced the isolation period from ten to seven days For people who have been vaccinated against the corona virus, two negative antigen tests should be performed on the sixth and seventh day of isolation.

This will allow more people to celebrate Christmas as a family without exposing themselves to the spread of the virus.

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The omigran variant of the corona virus already dominates the United States

The Omigran variant already dominates the United States, however, with President Joe Biden reassuring the nation that he is “ready” to face the epidemic and that there is no reason to be “warned.”

However, Biden warned that those who are not vaccinated are “good reason to worry.”

Paraguay extends health measures until January due to corona virus

The Paraguayan government on Wednesday ordered an extension of sanitary measures to prevent the spread of the corona virus until January 4, by an order signed by President Mario Apto Benitez.

These measures include the mandatory use of face shields on closed public roads, short and long distance public transport, and the application to all sectors of the country.

Subut will use the Health Pass from January for massive events

Subut Health Minister, Fabian Brodich, said the district was in a state of disarray The Health Pass will be used from the first of January For those who want to enter events with more than 1,000 participants or places like “dance clubs or other venues below the deck”.

Turkey has approved the emergency use of its Turquoise virus vaccine

The Turkovac Kovit-19 vaccine has been approved for “emergency” use in Turkey, the Ministry of Health said on Wednesday.

Phase III trials began in June with 40,800 participants in Turkey. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan welcomed the announcement and said he wanted to “share” the vaccine with other countries.