January 27, 2023

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In the campaign of President Alberto Fernandez | Resumption of management, tours of the suburbs and visits to the beach

The election year has already started and they are clear about it from all ends of the ruling party. Times are speeding up and the President Alberto Fernandez –who intended to have a relaxing weekend but was shaken by the coup attempt in Brazil– knows this and is preparing to face 2023 in the best possible way. After denying what happened in the neighboring country and cooperating Lula da Silva, Fernandez will not go to Brazil –because the PT told him to do it– and he’ll be waiting for his partner at the end of January. CELAC Summit. This Monday, after a visit to Miramar, the President returned to the federal capital, where he plans to do some things during the week. Journey through the suburbs, One of a kind Re-creation His “intimate tours” of the 2021 campaign. Request for Extraordinary SessionsBalcarce advanced in 50, As expected it will not be shipped this week, but next week.

Beyond the international agenda that is central this month due to the CELAC meeting, the President, a “Resumption of its Administration”, to prove his “a good government”, in an institution, he now seems to have the support of pro-government tribes. He feels that face-to-face interaction with the public “helps a lot because people see politicians at a distance,” and to members of his inner circle he “Everything that needs to be put on his shoulders will be put on his shoulders to guarantee the success of FDT“. Next weekend, in the meantime, he will return to the coast. There, apart from resting, on Monday he will be at Villa Gesell. During these visits to the Argentine coast, Fernández settles in the Sabathmalal complex, where he receives ministers. Last week he met with the mayor’s group.

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Some of the participants told this newspaper that they proposed at that last meeting “privilege unity”; The Re-election of Axel Kicillof –who was– They talked about impulse A “Big Step”Y “Stop Friendly Fire”, analyzed that they lose because of separation. Beyond that, the Buenos Aires mayors there were not representative. There is another group close to the CEO. Martin InceralteSomeone who is not there and is quietly promoting his candidacy, not that of the Governor.

In the Casa Rosada they are optimistic and believe that Peronism has “significant opportunities” next year. They promise that polls for the FDT are “starting to improve” and that, contrary to some forecasts, “there is no slowdown nor are we headed for default” after the agreement with the IMF. “That’s the situation we’re going to inevitably lose,” they analyze. They highlight that jobs are up, a good tourist season is underway, and the economic plan is coming to fruition. “We want people to see it on local tours,” they point out. They believe inflation will ease, and say wage problems will be “settled little by little”.

This Monday in Miramar, in fact, the President “promised to resume his administration” in line with this strategy. Argentina started growing two years ago“We grew by 10.3 percent in 2021 and are going to grow to 5.7 in 2022,” he stressed. This already confirms that we are going to grow in 2023”. Except when Fernandez went through an episode with people who booed him at an Argentine spa — the day before a group confronted the head of the Buenos Aires government, Horacio Rodriguez Larreta They rejected the “escrow” from Casa Rosada — for wanting to keep co-participation funds from other provinces — and said the president “will not change his agenda” because of this situation.

After a meeting with 17 mayors held by Fernandez last week, the President decided to stay in Sabathmalal for the weekend to relax. said They don’t take vacations Y These are the only short breaks available to the head of state before the election year begins.

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Over the weekend, however, the break was interrupted by an episode in Brazil that turned the president’s phone hot. He not only spoke to Lula’s counsel, Celso AmorimBut with members of his cabinet and the ambassador to Brazil, Daniel Cioli, a person who is increasingly close to the president and may have a certain role in the next elections. Principal Santiago Cafiero, A day after the incident in Brasilia, he spoke with a colleague Mauro Vieira He also assured that the situation is already under control.

According to information handled by PT and reported to the Argentine government, The attempted coup was armed and financed And they are “fully investigating”. From the neighboring government, in addition to thanking Fernández for his gestures and the public support he gave to Lula, they felt it was time for the Brazilian president to “show that he governs” and not be surrounded by the presidents of the region. . Because Fernandez refused to travel. This has been confirmed by Cafiero.

As Lula explained, He wants “normalcy” and not put together a “highly politicized” agenda. There will be time for that at the end of January, when we participate in Argentina on the 23rd. SELAC Summit Declare there that your country will once again be part of the bloc withdrawn by the decision of the former president Jair Bolsonaro. According to Argentina’s foreign minister, “the agenda will definitely be more loaded with these events (due to the attempted conspiracy) with regard to the challenges of integration.” “It’s not just about economic or financial integration, it’s about strengthening the democratic institutions of each country,” he said in radio reports.

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This Monday, the pro tempore president CELAC Published by A Official statement signed by the President Argentina rejected what happened in Brazil and supported da Silva. “It is necessary to deal decisively with those who abuse democracy,” they stressed.