June 7, 2023

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In photos: Giulietta Poggio, Romina Uhrig and Daniela Celis launch their new venture

Romina Treta, Giulietta Poggio, Romina Uhrig and Daniela Celis (RS Photos)

Giulietta Poggio, Daniela Celis and Romina Uhrig gained great fame for their participation in the reality show. Brother (Telephone). Although it was difficult to live together indoors, they became close friends and managed to form a beautiful bond. Additionally, they decided to continue together after their leadership cycle ended Santiago del Moro.

Daniela was the first to leave the cycle, then it was Romina’s turn, with the finale still a week away, while Julieta was a finalist. Marcos Ginocchio and Nacho Castanares. Thus, once the three were out, when they resumed the pulse of real life, they strengthened their friendship and could be seen at many events where they were invited.

Kiss between Daniela Celis and Diego Medina

Now the little sisters join their paths again with a new venture Fit Girls In which they provide a series of videos through digital platforms. This way, they do Gym routines to look and feel good. On Tuesday, the girl group joined celebrity guests to promote the workout.

Ariel Anzaldo, Diego Medina and Walter Alpha Santiago They attended the event along with their old classmates Brother. There was also the media Mariano de la Canal and Locho LosisanoWork as a team member american breakfast, Led rotation Pamela David On the American screen.

Before starting, Julieta showed a preview of the recording of the videos on her networks and promised: “The Fit Girls Are Coming, It’s Gonna Be The Bomb”. Initially, there will be challenges 21 days of absWith tips to encourage their followers to practice remotely with them.

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This week, the influencer celebrated two years of marriage Luca Bartelli. Along with a post on his Instagram stories, the young man posted a photo of himself walking hand in hand with his girlfriend and added a tender message: “Two years with the love of my life. I love you for being Julieta Poggio. Laughing under the radiant sun, the couple united despite their differences. She, for her part, returned the sweet gesture by reposting the post: “I do more”.

Although Julie no longer publishes many photos with Luca, during the same Saturday, she published a video of the characteristic landscape of El Tigre, with the river in the background, the camera went above her boyfriend’s head instead of on his face. , but realized it was him. The exit showed the time: 2:25 p.m., and a small table with two plates of hamburgers.

Daniela ended her three-month relationship with Thiago and they went to Brazil to celebrate. “We are very excited because we are experiencing things we never thought possible: airplane, boat trip. I never experienced it and neither did Diego. We both live the experience together and it never ends. It’s unbelievable what’s happening”, Daniela was happy before heading to Pujeos on the east coast of Rio de Janeiro.

For her part, Romina reconciled with her daughters’ father Walter Festa. She broke up with her partner when she entered the reality show, but as the months went by, when she was kicked out of the cycle, she decided to give her marriage a new chance.

Mariano de la Canal with three little sisters
Locho Locisano and Walter Alfa Santiago
Juliet Poggio (RS Photos)
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