June 7, 2023

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Images of a Lord of the Rings RPG that was in development over 20 years ago have surfaced

In a few days, players will be able to return to Middle-earth with Lord of the Rings: Gollum.

Players tend to be impatient with video games that have eternal progressions from the moment of their presentation, but Many more products are in domestic drag And we know nothing. Such was the case with the Lord of the Rings role-playing adventure, which was in development before the release of the Peter Jackson films.

Off How we study By DSO Gaming, Troika games Worked in 2001 Tech demo of Lord of the Rings RPG for Sierra. A portion of this test can be seen in the video shared just now Timothy CainA co-founder of the study, he has opened a YouTube channel to commemorate his long years of dedication to the video game industry.

According to Cain, the idea to create a video game based on Tolkien’s trilogy was born after the release of Tolkien’s Steampunk RPG Adventure. Arcanum: Steamworks and Magic Obscura. That’s when Sierra Entertainment approached them to explore the idea of ​​an RPG set in Middle Earth, and from there came this tech demo.

A plan that didn’t work

They also drew an in-depth plan of mechanics and components for the game. But unfortunately, The idea did not work and did not work. While that’s not to say that video games were lacking for Lord of the Rings followers during those years, Peter Jackson’s films ushered in a veritable golden age for the development of adventures in Tolkien’s world.

We remember that the new Lord of the Rings video game is coming out this month, and we’re talking Lord of the Rings: Gollum.

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