May 31, 2023

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IGA shook on Friday and Saturday: Collision of tectonic plates triggered earthquake and IGP asks to “prepare”

Aika This weekend experienced overturning conditions due to a chain of earthquakes recorded from the early hours of Friday 28th to Saturday 29th October. till 01:10 am on Saturday, the queue adds, 18 eventsAccording to him National Seismic Center of the Geophysical Institute of Peru (IGP).

The four strongest movements had magnitudes of 5.0, 5.1, 5.2 and 5.9, but did not cause damage to surfaces or human casualties. And, according to the IGP, “They have nothing to do with the various myths about the earthquake in our country this month.”

Hernando Tavera, the organization’s executive director, explained in a statement that earthquakes that occur during the day are part of the dynamics of the Earth’s evolution, so they “can arise at any time and at any time” in the territory. In fact, “they will continue to happen,” he added.

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The expert explained that these pelvic earthquakes were caused by contact collision between Nazca and South American tectonic plates.

“The coastal zone has a frequency of earthquakes of different magnitudes, and even the highest magnitude earthquakes occurred in the Iga region. For example, earthquakes in 1942, 1996 and 2007,” he noted.

to Tavera, at some point another seismic event will occur. “The more time passes, the more energy builds up, and the more earthquakes it causes, so you have to be prepared,” he said. He also stressed that the country is very seismic and cyclical because “we need to be informed to take action.”

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At 04:11 am on Friday morning, the first earthquake of magnitude 5.1 hit Ica. Its center was located 91 kilometers to the south-west. Since then, as indicated by the reports of the agency in charge of detecting destructive disasters, a series of movements have occurred, increasing in intensity.

We list the following events:

– An earthquake of 4.6 Richter magnitude occurred at 04:16 hrs

– At 05:56 hours, one of magnitude 4.5

– At 07:19 hours, one of magnitude 4.1

– At 09:21 hrs, one at magnitude 5.0

– At 1:52 pm, magnitude 1 of 4.0

– At 2:16 pm, a magnitude of 4.4

-At 2:19 pm, a magnitude of 4.9

In 2007, Pisco (Aika) There was a scene Very severe earthquakes occurred in recent years, surpassed only by the 2001 Arequipa earthquake.

The earthquake measured 8.0 on the Moment Magnitude Scale and had a maximum intensity of IX on the Mercalli Scale and lasted for 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

600 people died, 1,300 were injured, 48,000 houses were completely destroyed and rendered uninhabitable, and 450,000 people were affected. The most affected areas are the provinces Pisco, AikaEast, Cañete, Yauyos, Huaytará and Castrovirreyna, except Lima.

The devastating scale also caused massive damage to infrastructure that provides basic services to people such as water and sanitation, education, sanitation and communication. Also, in El Carmen (Sincha), houses were completely destroyed.

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