April 1, 2023

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ICC lawyer hopes Putin will be tried at The Hague: “Those who believe it’s impossible don’t understand history”

FILE PHOTO: International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutor Karim Khan poses during an interview with Reuters at the ICC in The Hague, Netherlands on March 3, 2022. REUTERS/Christian Levaux

Solicitor International Criminal Court (CBI), Karim KhanRussia’s president sees it as an opportunity, Vladimir Putin, to face trial War crimes Made in UkraineSaid in an interview to the chain CNN.

Those who believe that it is impossible to hold the Russian leader accountable for what happened in Ukraine “don’t understand history.”, Khan assured in statements to US media.

The prosecutor cited as an example The Nuremberg Trials (1954-1946) – to War Crimes in Nazi Germany– and the judicial process The Rwandan Genocide.

They all involved powerful and imposing figures and still came to courtKhan added.

By the way, the lawyer also pointed out Arrest warrant against Putin The ICC released this Friday that it wants to send a clear message: “No one should feel that genocide or crimes against humanity can be committed with impunity.”.

The prosecutor also pointed out that with the arrest warrant against Putin issued by the ICC this Friday, they want to send a clear message: “No one should feel that they can commit genocide or crimes against humanity with impunity.”

ICC issues arrest warrant against Russian president Illegal deportation of Ukrainian children and their transfer from occupied territories in Ukraine to RussiaThat is, A war crime According to the agreement of this Court called Rome Statute.

The ICC pre-trial chamber also issued a second arrest warrant against the Russian politician Maria Lavova-BelovaPresidential Commissioner for Children’s Rights in Russia, with the same charge.

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The two arrest warrants are the first of their kind issued by the ICC in the context of an investigation into possible war crimes committed by Russia. Illegal occupation of Ukraine.

The Russian government described the arrest warrant as “barbaric”.“Inadmissible” and “legally void” because Russia is not a party to the ICC’s Rome Statute.

For his part, the US President, Joe BidenThis Friday confirmed the International Criminal Court’s ruling against the Russian president, Vladimir Putin“Justified”.

Well I guess that’s fair. But that is the question We do not recognize it internationally either. But I think it’s a very strong point,” Biden said.

The ICC issued an arrest warrant against the Russian president for allegedly illegally abducting Ukrainian children and transferring them to Russia from occupied territories in Ukraine, a war crime under this court’s treaty known as the Rome Statute. (AP)

A State Department spokesman said in a statement, “There is no doubt that Russia is committing war crimes and atrocities (in Ukraine), and we are clear that those responsible must be held accountable.”

“This is an independent decision by the ICC prosecutor based on the facts before him,” the US spokesman added.

In view of this, the ICC issued an arrest warrant against the Russian president There are “reasonable grounds” to believe that Putin “bears personal criminal responsibility” for these crimesthrough its “direct” commission or “failed to exercise sufficient control over the civilian and military subordinates who committed the acts”.

According to the Ukrainian government, some 16,000 children migrated against their will to Russian territory It provided a recent study in February since the start of the conflict Yale University Condemned that at least 6,000 Ukrainian children are distributed in 40 Russian boarding schools.

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(With information from EFE and Europa Press)

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