June 7, 2023

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“I Was in Tarlips”: A Young Woman’s Extraordinary Story with a Stranger She Sees Unclothed in Her Mobile Home

One influencer described seeing a stranger naked in her mobile home. (Video: TikTok/@americando)

A A young influencer recalled an unusual short story who lived in one of his journeys. Along with her boyfriend and friends, they were standing at a place A follower recognized them. The boy passionately wanted to meet her. when Open the door From the van where they live, he sees his ‘idol’. Naked. She shared the moment TikTok And the video went viral.

Jose Y Fernanda They have a ‘vlogThere they share their journeys Trailer That have. With her, they traveled extensively Latin America And on his channel Network light They upload their experiences in other countries. On stage, they do summaries of their travels, but in the last few hours a video has gone viral where he says so A stranger saw her undressed.

Fernanda travels around the world. On a tour of Latin America, he traveled with his truck. (Photo: Instagram/@americando)

By account @Americando, uploaded an interesting story about the situation he had to live in. He was on a trip, when he was with other friends, A Follower Recognized his truck He wanted to meet them. “Are the guys from Americano here? I’m following them, are they inside?”

“Heard it’s ramped up… for me it is drugs“, he added. He didn’t know if they were dating, so that’s why his friends replied She opened the window to wait for her a little longer, “as she was busy,” to inform her that she could not attend him now. “I was at Tarlips”, he shrugs.

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The girl told the story of a follower seeing her naked. (Credit: TikTok/@americando)

However, the stranger’s reaction surprised her. The boy opened the door He saw her from the van How God brought her into the world. “I shouted at him and locked the door. And he said this knife through the window to condemn him For what he did. The reaction of He Because it surprised her It started spinning right there. “Even if he is superior, he should apologise,” he said.

An unexpected twist when he leaves. He ran into the girl’s boyfriend and asked him for a photo. He accepted, and when the truck arrived, he couldn’t believe what had happened to Fernanda. The post received 28,000 views and 1,200 “likes”. “Conclusion: Never answer the door to someone else’s house,” he wrote in the clip’s description.