February 4, 2023

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How Jabran’s heir tried to secure $ 145 million by the sea “Mamushka” that reaches three continents

Collella formed an empire with OCASA, which currently carries test vaccines against Covit-19 from Antrox.

Hector Kollella, Known as Heir to Alfredo Japron And a key player in the logistics business, armed A Mamushka Of companies The sea On different tax platforms to protect $ 145.7 million That will come Explained from their surroundings- The purpose of the sale of OCAS, the owner of OCASA, to the Exxel Group in 1997. Pay lower taxes.

The Argentine businessman, whose name became public after Jabran’s suicide, was ordered to create a complex project abroad. He opened a foundation in the United Kingdom, managed by Swiss bank executives, and later registered companies – one of the Russian toy games – in New Zealand, the British Virgin Islands and Uruguay..

The information from this is as follows Pandora Documents, The leak of the International Federation of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) in which he participated Infobe Next Nation, elDiarioAR And weekly Search From Uruguay. The structure promised The sea Merged together in 2005, and his advisers showed documents showing the Argentine ICIJ team The companies were notified to the tax authorities.

Founded in Uruguay for nearly two decades, Collella is one of the most important merchants in the logistics industry in Argentina, close to Pope Francis.

In his suicide note, Yabron changed his life when he arranged to give up his business to “HC”., Short of his friend, who spoke with him on the phone shortly before he took his own life. After Jabron’s death, on May 20, 1998, Collella sold the OCA-OCASA package to an Excel group created by “American investors”. The group was accused of committing a fraud and money laundering.

Entrepreneur Alfredo Yabron left on May 20, 1998, while staying in Entre Ros.
Entrepreneur Alfredo Yabron left on May 20, 1998, while staying in Entre Ros.

Collella has developed a strict low profile for decades, establishing his residence in Montevideo since 2002 and building his own empire: OCASA is currently moving from anthrax to test vaccines against Covit-19. The company also became Contractor for the Federal Reserve (Central Bank of the United States) for the export of dollars and coins, and handles supplies of pharmaceutical companies’ kits and research products on American soil.

OCASA is a Yabrán bank cleaning company acquired by OCA, a postal company run by Collella, which is suspected to belong to Yabrán. Jabran’s friend and right-hand man, Kollella, became the legal owner of the company after allegations by the then finance minister. Domingo Cavallo, He publicly denounced Jabran for leading a “mafia that infiltrated power.”

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The origin of luck

Amount of bank accounts of Collella and his wife Marta Artis Fischer at Meryl Lynch and Morgan Stanley Banks USD 145.7 million, According to the documents that appear Pandora Documents. Behind that amount He Excel PanelA holding company that strengthened in the 90s, its shareholders are still a mystery. Led by Juan Navarro, Excel Group began investing in dozens of major Argentine companies Some of the major brands operating in the country. Supermarkets Norde (from Carrefour), Musimundo, Havanna, Fredo, Barco, Lacoste and even Quilmus Athletic Club. Many of his companies ended up in the hands of his creditors, the banks. It was later reported that there were suspicions of fraud, tax crimes and money laundering.

Through the Excel Panel, Collella established a close relationship with the US Embassy, ​​which was recruited by the Federal Reserve many years later.

The Mamushka Sea

But to link Jabran’s legacy to that $ 145 million, several stops are needed. His accounting advisers set up a chain in the United Kingdom headed by a trust whose documents are listed by the Trident Trust, which specializes in operations The sea, “Very secretive”.

The scheme covers companies in New Zealand, Uruguay and the British Virgin Islands, which are not listed in the public records in the name of the merchant or his wife., According to an inquiry by the Argentine ICIJ team.

The UK Foundation is managed by the Julius Bayer Family Office and Trust Limited. The company is owned by Julius Pierre, a Swiss bank owned by the company Fedmer Holdings Limited. The company was registered in New Zealand from September 23, 2013 to July 1, 2019, according to the official register of companies in that country. 100% of the shares in the company are in the name of the Julius Bear family office and trust, but the final beneficiaries are Kollella, his wife and children, This will emerge from the exchanges of forms and emails and documents completed by the employer Pandora Documents And Argentina had access to the ICIJ team.

“The entire organization, from the trust to bank accounts in the United States, is duly notified and complies with FATCA standards (Foreign Accounts Tax Compliance Act),” Collella previously told the federation’s Argentine committee. This restriction obliges all financial institutions in the United States to report customer accounts with tax obligations. The goal of these funds is the future legacy of their six childrenThe dealer explained. “This was done on the basis of various agreements between jurisdictions,” he added, referring to some agreements between countries to pay lower taxes or to avoid double taxation.

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At the request of the Argentine ICIJ Group, Colella approached reports before Uruguayan authorities Mention your relationship with the Foundation, the Uruguayan community and the organization The sea Controls it.

It is worth clarifying that not all applications The sea They are illegal, but structures protected by law allow tax payments to be kept to a minimum. A combination of companies from different jurisdictions with little or no taxation is a legal tool for this purpose.

Real estate business

In addition to that campus Mamushka, Collella is listed in the Pandora Papers documents as partners of three companies based in Belize. In April 2015: Mestal Trader Limited; Starway Commerce Inc. And Silverbuck Corporation.

Mastal Trader Stock Certificate in support of Hector Gallella
Mastal Trader Stock Certificate in support of Hector Gallella

With those communities, The entrepreneur registered three departments The forum in Montevideo is on the campus of Puerto del Pucio, He received part of the fee for the sale of land in that city, A real estate project was set up there. Assets secured by the businessman’s environment were later sold.

Silverback Corp Stock Exchange in favor of Collella.
Silverback Corp Stock Exchange in favor of Collella.

Appearing documents Pandora Documents Let us understand Mamushka Created to protect those funds. Uruguay community Fedmer Holdings Limited Its owner Mindy S.A., Uruguayan.

According to the general balance, Minty SA has an equity surpassing $ 185 million, according to FY20. Last year, Mindrey SA recorded revenues of more than $ 13 million and $ 7,918 in annual expenses.

Mindrey SA, owner Fedmer LP, Another maritime company. According to documents consulted with the Federation’s Argentine and Uruguay panel, Fedmer LP is the owner of the bank accounts in which the couple deposited funds from the Okasa sale.

Another coastal company of Collella living in Uruguay
Another coastal company of Collella living in Uruguay

Accountant Ariel Ayman explained to the team Pandora Documents These types of companies are used to invest overseas without business activity in Uruguay, and with little or no taxation. Many times they are also used as bridging companies to participate in investments in other companies.

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In 2017, Uruguay established an obligation to inform the final beneficiaries of this type of organization, and in September 2019 added the trustees of the trusts to new subjects. But the information is confidential. Before consultation, Kollella said there was no way he could not declare before the Uruguayan authorities that he was the end user of the structure.

Between the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019, Julius Bayer emailed Fedmer Holdings Ltd to request the transfer to the British Virgin Islands, for which he contacted the study. Trishul Foundation, Specializes in registering companies and trusts known as tax havens in the Caribbean. During email exchanges and in response to repeated requests from the Trident Trust Compliance Department, Julius Bear had to expand the information about the executives The sea And reveal who the real owners of the structure and the origin of the funds are.

Internal form of the Trident Trust, a maritime service provider, completed and signed by Colella
Internal form of the Trident Trust, a maritime service provider, completed and signed by Colella

The trident study was consulted for this research by ICIJ. His response: “Trident is governed by the full jurisdiction of every trust and corporate service business and is fully committed to all applicable terms.

From the weekly search for Uruguay, in collaboration with Guillermo Dropper.