May 31, 2023

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Honduras: President-elect Xiomara Castro’s party expels 18 delegates for treason | Delegates are left alone because they agree with the National Party

One week after Hon’ble President-elect Siomaro Castro took office, The coalition that brought her to the first magistrate Got the first break in Congress. Ended Friday night with 18 delegates expelled from Libertad y Refundación (Libre) party. After the announcement Castro called a large gathering on the ground floor of the National Congress (CN) “the people of Honduras and militancy in general.” Prior to the session, George Gallix, who was driven by Libre’s dissatisfaction, was determined to be the head of CN or the coalition deal to have Luis Redonto as chairman of the legislature. “From all corners of the country to the capital of Honduras”, Mentioned Castro.

18 delegates were expelled from Liber

The room of the Honduran Congress was a scene of maximum tension one day Establishment of a temporary board of directors to break the alliance agreement between former presidential candidate Salvador Nazareth’s Free Party and Honduras’ Salvador Party (BSH), Which agreed to appoint Luis Rodonto as chairman of the House Assembly. But despite that, The 21 delegates from the Liberal Party broke the agreement and aligned themselves with the National Party (the regime defeated in the last election) and the Conservative faction of the Liberal Party.

“The betrayal is over”Castro wrote on his Twitter account that the delegation had not attended the scheduled meeting with the elected president. Instead, they negotiated with right-wing parties to bring George Gallix to the CN presidency.. Shiomara summoned 50 representatives of his party and asked them to support legislator Luis Redondo as speaker, Hugo no Pino as chairman and Angelica Smith as secretary.

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“The absence of 20 delegates is a sign of the counter-revolutionary betrayal of the Honduran party and people who overthrew the drug dictatorship (…) by imposing the plan of the corrupt elite led by (current President) Juan Orlando Hernandez”, Announced the elected president after the meeting.

“Betrayed the order”

Tensions escalated shortly after National Party Interior Minister Lionel Ayala was sworn in, and representatives from the Liberal Party rose to the board of directors to block the announcement of an interim board of directors. The meeting ended in a scuffle as members of the Libre party shouted “treason” and “siomara”. A few minutes later Gallix fled from there.

According to Libre’s deputy, Russell Dom, Ayala representatives who “gave the floor illegally” “They betrayed the mandate given by the people to Siomara Castro.” AFP quoted the company. Ayala promised that Cálix’s election was supported by 83 signatures, more than the required 65 votes, despite the coalition’s agreement that won the last election trying to appoint Redonto.

“Unmeasurable risk”

Eugenio Sosa, a researcher and professor at the National Autonomous University of Honduras, controls Cálix’s visit to PN to become CN’s chairman. “He is maneuvering and gaining control of the National Congress.”He told the AFP. “There is a risk of misrule and power struggles”, Product “A bad combination of organized crime (and) corruption networks, not to be missed” He added.

The Honduran Congress has 128 delegates: 50 from the Liberals, 10 from the PSH, 44 from the PN, 22 from the Liberal Party and two from minority parties. At night, the Honorary Court of Libre defined the expulsion of 21 disgruntled delegates for betraying the constitutional agreement. Y “Form an alliance with organized crime, corruption and drug trafficking agents”However, Castro noted in his announcement In the 90th minute, the three delegates repented and withdrew their support for the Provisional Board, of which George Gallix was the chairman, Beatrice Vale the secretary, and Yahweh Sabillon the deputy chairman..

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“In an extraordinary way, we unanimously decided and approved the expulsion of the dissidents,” Castro said after an emergency meeting of his party. “They are no longer losing their status as active members of our party.” He added.

Expelled delegates: Jorge Gallix, Beatrice Valle, Denis Cyrinos, Francis Cabrera, Mario Enrique Gallix, Mario Portillo, Samuel Madrid, Ronald Panchome, Ramon Soto, Marco Dino, Eduardo Castro, Frank Ramonz Flores, .

Congress mobilization

Ahead of the final session on January 23 at CN’s base this Saturday, former members of the Libre party George Gallix, Beatrice Valle and Yahweh Sabillon are expected to be defined on whether to merge. Agreed by the Left Alliance if the Provisional Board or Agreement wins.

“Today I will be awake at 6 pm on the floor of the National Congress,” Castro wrote on his Twitter account. “To prevent the transformation of Honduras, I now order the cessation of organized crime, corruption and drug trafficking, which represents ‘Joe’ within Liber. I’m waiting for you! “He added.

The opening ceremony will take place on January 27 The first female leader in history From Honduras, Siomara Castro was elected in an election with the largest participation of citizens. The victory of the Libre-led coalition marks the end of the National Party’s 12 – year rule, which has been linked to drug trafficking.