April 1, 2023

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He was jailed for extorting money from a famous company on behalf of Los Monos: he was a relative of the victims

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A 28-year-old suspect was charged on Thursday A string of extortionists named Los Monos Against those responsible for a well-known company operating in Puerto Norte and Miami, USA. However, as shooting lawyer Pablo Sokka was able to establish, A relative of one of the victims received threatening calls and messages.

Leonardo Damian Prado Accused of being in touch with company officials, he has been extorting money through messages and calls since November. He demanded eight thousand dollars In exchange for an attempt against the lives of the owners or their relatives.

In all communications, the suspect He mentioned that he worked for Ariel Maximo “Quil” Cantero, provided the most accurate data on the leader and victims of Los Monos. But, they got the information because they knew their movements.

Prado was arrested last Tuesday in the 4600 block of Pasco during a raid by the FBI’s Extortion Squad. He already had a federal case against him, and now that he’s been arrested, he could face a new case 73 ecstasy tablets, wrapper containing narcotic “crystal”, mushrooms and “tushi”The drug is neutrally known as pink cocaine.

First trial criminal judge Hector Nunez decided to leave the cartel Detention is effective for the duration of the Act to the defendant

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