June 2, 2023

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He walked through Naples and met a clone of Diego Maradona: shocking video

Italian photographer Ciro Bipoli He is well known on Instagram for his depictions of daily life in the city of Naples. In those lands Diego Maradona He accomplished feats and was loved and treated as a true saint upon his death in November 2020.

As the young man was walking through the streets of his town, he was surprised to see a man about ten years old. Black glasses, gray beard, moustache, curly hair. Diego looks like he did in the 2010 World Cup.

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It is the same. A Diego Maradona lookalike in Naples (Photo: @ciropipoli)

This is not the first time that Maradona’s physical look-alikes have appeared. Since his passing, people have taken these situations to be divine signs or an afterlife. It will arrive within hours In the match between Argentina and Netherlands For the quarter-finals of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

In conversation with TNThe photographer said: “I don’t know who the person is, it was a casual and quick encounter.”

death Diego It still hits Argentina and the football world in general very hard. They all miss him. That’s why many people say that it has become normal You can see pictures of tees in different fields.

Most naturally there is a simple explanation, which is relative Physical unity. Either way, they are situations that create different feelings among football fans.

Diego Maradona at Wembley?

A photographer named Sarah Aribo visited Wembley Stadium in June this year for the Argentina-Italy final and took a photo that caught the attention of many.

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I took this photo The final at Wembley, And I want to find a girl with her hands up, don’t you?”He wrote on his Twitter account, encouraging his followers to find a woman who stands out from the crowd.

But in that residual state, Someone identified a man with a hat, He looked down and untied it Madness on the web. Was Maradona at Wembley?

Was Maradona in the Wembley stands during the final?  (@4sinprojection).
Was Maradona in the Wembley stands during the Finalsima? (@4noprojection).

A video of the time went viral A person like Diego Maradona In Dundee. User @JReddicen uploaded part of a tutorial to his account Dundee United And from an interview conducted by the channel Sky Sports.

Everything was going smoothly until a football player like him appeared in the background. Diego Maradona. Not only their physical appearance but also their running style are similar. It is a film, to say the least, striking.

“What is Maradona doing in Dundee?”, @JReddicen wrote On Twitter, with video. This post was flooded with comments, likes and reactions. At first glance the runner looks like Maradona. Not just any Maradona: the best at the 1986 World Cup in Mexico.

Both the way it runs, its silhouette and its physique have sparked interest in these pictures on social networks. He really looks like Maradona.

“What is Maradona doing in Dundee?”: A viral video that has had a strong impact on social networks (Photo: Sky Sports).