June 1, 2023

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He thinks Argentina will be the first target of the war Lagos, Bachelet and Pinera also selected Buenos Aires as their first destination

Argentina is the first country to elect a Chilean president. Gabriel Borick, As soon as he took charge as agent. The news was leaked by Juan Ignacio Lador, who is in charge of foreign relations at the behest of the former student leader, and became known after President Alberto Fernandez invited him to visit the country. Last Sunday, when I called him to congratulate him on his victory. Borick clarified his position Tweet – “> Argentina’s sovereignty over the Falkland Islands, According to a tweet that has gone viral in recent days. In addition, some of his comments were praised in praise of Argentine artists and footballers.

“I want to congratulate Gabriel Bori on his election as President of Chile. We must accept the commitment to strengthen the fraternal bond that unites our nations And to work with the region to put an end to inequality in Latin America, “President Alberto Fernandez tweeted, warring by phone a few minutes later and confirming that he would attend the inauguration.” I congratulate you and Chile. You have a friend here and I hope your first trip will be to our country. You are invited to attend at any time, ”said the President.

Later, the senator was in charge of foreign relations on the elected president’s campaign committee Juan Ignacio Lador, He told the Chilean newspaper Wednesday That The first trip to Buenos Aires, on March 11, after “probably” Borik took office.

“No decision has been made yet, but it has been discussed that it could be Argentina,” Lador said. “It simply came to our notice then It is a fraternal country and we are interested in developing good relations with it We insist from the south. But no decision has been made yet, ”the senator said.

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On the outskirts of the Hotel Fundador, the Borik group had gathered, Tower He noted, “We also want to help express or express, because it’s not just Gabriel, A great integration that sees the world from the south of Latin America, Asia and powers like China and America, But with political autonomy “.

“We look forward to all the political movements that will take place in Latin America. Next year, in Colombia (Gustavo) we hope that Lula will defeat the far right with Pedro, and that there may be talks of several progressive governments.“In his opinion, the goal should be to have a pluralistic policy based on human rights and the strengthening of democracy,” Lahore said.

Recent statistics on exciting early visits to Boric help: The last three Chilean presidents chose Argentina as their first target. Ricardo Lagos did it in 2000 and Michael Bachelet in 2006 and 2014.

The current president, Sebastian Pinera, repeated the tradition during his first term in office, which he accepted in 2010. The President was received by Cristina Kirschner in Gaza Rosada and also met with the then head of government of Buenos Aires, Mauricio Macri. He maintained a close bond when the two were presidents. However, according to his second term in 2018, Pinara chose Peru as his first place, where he attended the US summit.

Support for the claim on Malvinas

In recent days, dozens of tweets have come to light expressing the war’s particular sympathy with Argentina. In February 2013, John Benjamin, the British ambassador to Chile, posted a photo of his visit to the Falkland Islands and tweeted: “A nice photo of them with happy penguins in the middle of summer in the Falkland Islands!” The response of the then student leader was strong: “Malvinas Vigo, Malvinas Argentina”.

Borik’s assumption is that Argentina will increase the majority support it receives at diplomatic events from regional countries and the rest of the world to demand its sovereignty. Although the Piñera government supported Argentina’s demand for negotiations, Kast’s potential visit threatened that diplomatic struggle.

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But the relationship between Boric and Argentina is beyond politics. References to Argentina’s culture and sport have been growing over the years on its social network. “How incredible is the unknown Indio Solari in Chile”In April 2017, Borick wrote on his Twitter account.

Also, Abrew is the head of Dignity Leon decided to compose his campaign space with the song “Los Chalris de Charlie” from Ziko’s historical song. He changed a few stanzas that fit exactly with his candidacy: “Now we have a young president who loves life facing death.”

Through the game, Borik showed his relationship with Argentina. In 2017 a Twitter user asked him: “Maradona or Pele?” The president-elect responded: “Undoubtedly Maradona.” On July 10, when the national team won the Copa America, the young left-wing leader tweeted: “Argentina makes me happy, beautiful joy. Congratulations brothers!”.