February 4, 2023

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He stepped on a rusty nail in a supermarket, went to court and won a case for a billion pesos | Chronicles

Another riot at a foreign supermarket left everyone speechless. This time it happened South Carolina, United States, He had to pay compensation to a customer for leaving a rusty nail in his apartment, he stumbled upon it and fell on his feet. The trial began in 2015, and the sentence was released today: April Jones wins $ 10 million lawsuit.

According to the Fox Network, the popular chain presented its last defense argument after a six-year investigation into the $ 40,000 million Colombian pesos, which the U.S. company will receive as $ 10 million in damages. During that time, April underwent several surgeries and eventually had his leg amputated.

The victim’s legal team report, quoted by the same chain, indicated that his right leg should be amputated above the knee after stepping on the rusty nail. The young woman had gone to the store one day and, like the other, she broke the nail and came out with an infection. It cost him his right leg.

The text adds that a portion of the millionaire’s compensation will be used to pay for an artificial building and to buy a home suitable for its condition. For his part, one of the Walmart representatives argued during a 5-day trial that one of the woman’s nails was the cause of a horrible infection, which led to the jury handing down an unfavorable sentence to the supermarket.

“The weakness of Walmart’s case, among other things, is the inability to make a video, which states that employees must conduct routine security checks in accordance with a company’s policy. No such evidence was submitted during the investigation., The report concludes.

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Recently, let’s remember that the supermarket chain செதுருவாய் From Mexico He too caught the eye of the storm. Like Walmart, it almost affects the health of one of its customers. One user used his Twitter account to report that an expired cake had been sold. Although the expiration date on the product label was November 13, the customer posted photos showing the mushrooms inside.

“My name is Rebecca Lopez and I bought a cake at Cetroy Select (sec 174, fortuna). The cake was in a state of decay. I hope no one is sick. “, User condemned on November 8th. As expected, Netizens from around the world responded quickly.

In this regard, the Office of the Consumer Attorney General (Profeco) recommended that he file a health complaint with the Federal Commission for the Protection of Health Risks (Cofepris). Chetroy asked the customer to send a personal message with his personal data and a photo of the ticket. And this is not the first complaint against them செதுருவாய்.