January 27, 2023

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He sold raffles and shirts to get to the Qatar 2022 World Cup, but a travel agency error left him stranded in Lomas de Zamora.

He sold raffles and T-shirts, collecting peso by peso for tickets and lodging. Qatar And, of course, tickets Promote “Scaloneta”.; With great effort, he achieved it, but a mistake by a travel agency derailed part of that dream.

An illusion started for Lionel after the end of the World Cup in Russia in 2018, but it had to be possible a week earlier.

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Lionel Had to travel to Qatar on Thursday 17thTwo days before the opening ceremony and four days after Argentina’s World Cup debut, but They gave tickets to their fellow passengers FIFA for this reason Haya card not recognizedAn official document allowing fans to enter Qatari soil.

Your luggage managed to leave Ezeiza, but He stayed at Lomas de Zamora Waiting for the miracle that ends in a dream Turned out to be a nightmare.

“Everything cost me twice as much because of their negligence They want to make the most popular game: wash your hands”, he revealed. Lionel loves the World Cup, what it means and what it creates.

His ultimate dream is for Argentina to be champions again and to be on the field. “You know when I fell in love with the World Cup? It was Italy 90. That’s when I said: ‘I have to be there,'” he explained.

Due to various economic or personal circumstances, the World Cup dream had to wait Brazil 2014. Then he went without stopping Russia 2018 And this will be his third in a row. But this isn’t going to be just another drink, this is something special.

Since the last World Cup, life has been at a standstill due to health issues His left leg was amputated.

Two days after the operation, he was watching Argentina-Yugoslavia at the 1990 World Cup, where he thought nothing was going to stop him from being in Qatar.

“That There was a machine to go out and get up, because I was falling into a terrible depression. I started, I didn’t stay, and the next week I was already working on campus again,” he said.

in your business They sell football shirts, to sell out of stadiums and sustain himself there, he’ll do the same on tour. But the income from his store alone wasn’t enough, so he decided to sell raffles, with twenty prizes up for grabs, including televisions, T-shirts, ribs, wine demijohns and beer crates.

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“Some of the winners told me: “Be fat, I know you’re trying”.

The Lost the first match against Saudi ArabiaAs the national team’s second commitment approaches, this Saturday against Mexico, the deadline is getting shorter and the problem continues without resolution. As with everything in life, he will keep fighting until the end, waiting for the resolution and being able to fulfill his dream of joining the Albiceleste in another World Cup event.

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