June 3, 2023

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He put a toy from The Squid Game in the classroom so that students would not copy themselves | The idea of ​​an author in Spain

Origin of the Netflix series Squid game Brought about all sorts of consequences in the world. in this situation, A teacher from Spain used a fantasy toy to prevent his students from cheating in exams.

Through his Twitter account, this person posted a viral image on the networks in which the background image of the popular toy is seen while taking the high school exam. To prevent his students from copying, he used the “green light, red light” image that appears in the game.

“Green light, you can approve in writing. Whoever copied: Deleted”, Read in the project picture in the classroom. This effort has had strong repercussions on networks, provoking the laughter of many users and encouraging other authors to emulate.

The influence of Netflix production has spread across various sectors since the explosion of the most viewed series in the history of the platform. The plot revolves around a group of neglected and indebted characters who enter the $ 45.6 billion ($ 38 million, € 33 million) children’s game. If they are removed, they will give their lives.

However, The series shows violent scenes that are strongly generated Anxiety in schools. Many parents and teachers have warned that young children try to imitate the heroes and games that appear in fiction in their spare time or leisure time.

In this sense, the ANAR Foundation warned of content that was “not intended for children” because they could imitate the violent behavior that appears in the series. “A social alarm is taking place,” the director of projects condemned in a statement, warning that minors are trying to implement the dangerous challenges that appear in the series.

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The foundation was “particularly concerned” because little ones could not understand that this was a fiction and that the series’ behaviors should not be followed in real life.

For this reason, on Thursday they started a series of suggestions and advice for parents of children, one of whom looked at this series and learned about content that children are interested in and does not normalize violence.