June 3, 2023

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He only dates CEOs and demands $100,000-plus gifts: “I like successful people”

There are people that They know what they want And they are not willing to settle for less than what they expect. That’s right Amy, A woman thinks that all her husbands have to provide her with the most luxury to attract her. Their dates include those who cross countries for a romantic getaway. to medium Glass, The 26-year-old, who only dates CEOs, described how this trend is where people look for a partner to elevate their lifestyle and social status. “Nine out of 10 of my dates have been CEOs because I like successful and successful people They are financially free And they usually have tremendous freedom in their own schedule,” he said.

Amy uses the Seeking Dating app, which is a monthly membership. To make a good impression, Men spend the sterling equivalent of $100,000 So she can date an influencer who owns her own skin care business. Expenses include jet flights, wine, dinners at luxury hotels and fine restaurants, así as entries for events such as Formula 1 in MonacoWhere did they take her earlier this year?

Amy comes from a working family with an artistic background. “I love spontaneous trips (…) This way of going out gives me the opportunity to do that,” he said in the aforementioned medium. Among his other favorite things is luxury: “It showed me being around like-minded people This is what I want in my life”.

Usually, you just choose the location in the dating app of the destination you want to visit and add potential dates until you have a secure connection. Then he was talking with them for a few days Adding video calls can verify your identity.

Amy only dates the principals she meets through a dedicated dating appGlass

Photos help confirm that they are telling the truth. Before agreeing to stay a few days at your desired site, Google your potential prospects to see if all the details match. “For my work as a travel influencerI have to take pictures and create, so sometimes I put my location somewhere else, which connects me to men in those cities.”

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Cases like those shown Tinder scammer On Netflix, women lose millions for a man who plays a millionaire. However, Amy explained that she is also financially independent.

“If something goes wrong, I will go. The first date is always public and then if the atmosphere is off, I’d say, ‘Hey, you know what? I’m going to fly back home. I don’t worry about meeting a scammer because I know that if something doesn’t feel right, I can trust my instincts and act accordingly.

A favorite date of this young influence was in Paris, The night started with plans for a fancy dinner before visiting the Eiffel Tower. They spent the next day at the Louvre Museum of Art, and then they got ready for the opera.

Amy only dates the principals she meets through a dedicated dating app
Amy only dates the principals she meets through a dedicated dating appGlass

The people he meets are also of an age range: they are generally in their mid-40s. “I’m always told I’m very mature for my age,” she continued.

For six years, she has used the elite dating site multiple times after being introduced to the lifestyle by a college friend who married and had a baby with someone she met through the medium.

“I’m very picky. To be honest, I’ve never dated an average guy,” Amy said.

Besides, he assured that these experiences allowed him to make deeper connections. “It recreates the dating process and I love it in a way because it’s like ‘do you want to be with this person or not?’ gives a good idea of ​​(…) So when you spend a lot of time with them, you can see a lot of them in a holistic way, and ‘OK, how does my life fit into theirs?’ Gives you more chance to see etc. Amy hopes to find and marry the right person in the future.

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