May 30, 2023

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He lives in Miami and warns of the “negatives” of working in America: “I’m sorry to tell you.”

Agos Tangia is an Argentinian who lives in Miami and has a huge following on TikTok, where he receives hundreds of inquiries about the Florida lifestyle. So, on the same social network He explained whether working in America is good or bad According to the status of the foreigner before the authorities. Being an expat herself, she shared her experience of what it’s like to find a job in a North American country. In that sense, He gave a stern warning about the negative points to be aware of.

I regret to say that professions are worthless here”, he introduced the phrase @Augustankia An explanatory video on TikTok about the employment situation in the city where he lives. She noted that it was one of the things she was asked the most after moving How can a person get a job in the profession he studied in his home country?But many people did not like his answer.

An Argentine warns of what it’s like to work in the US.

From his point of view, those who want to go to work should remember that they have to start from scratch. As all the jobs are well-paid, Akos felt that he should try to create any opportunity as a waiter, a clothing store employee: “That’s the positive,” he emphasized. Later on You can plan to review one’s previous career in America’s educational institutions.

Some users of the social network They disagreed with Argentina’s explanation and offered their own advice. One couple thought the tip only applied to certain occupations and those coming to the U.S. illegally because in their experience they were able to verify a bachelor’s degree.

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If you are not legal. I have a career and am working towards it. And no, I didn’t start anything”, some of the comments people explained were, “The video is aimed at the unknown, which means it comes without standard stuff (legal documents). Their reality was different.

You need a good visa to work in the USUnsplash

You must always have permission from US authorities to enter a North American country with the potential to work. There are many ways for a foreigner to approach a job (All information on the website of the US government.) but the most common are as follows:

1. Skilled Worker Visas (H-1B)

They are highly qualified professionals in fields including engineering, technology, medicine and higher education. There are three categories that immigrants can apply for:

2. Visas for non-professional workers without an academic degree (H-2A/H-2B)

This category is divided into two:

3. Visas for Persons of Extraordinary Ability (O-1)

A company or the same applicant must argue that, depending on their skills, no one else can fill their position in the United States and therefore it is necessary for him or her to have permission to work in that country. There are two categories: