June 7, 2023

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He lives in Argentina and Germany and says of his neighbors’ unusual demands: “an immigrant’s worst nightmare.”

Always interesting to read Argentinians living abroad When they talk about some of the customs they see in other countries, they are very different from theirs Argentina. But these cultural differences can sometimes come as a shock to a fellow countryman living in other countries. This is what happened to one tweeter Lives in Germany And he defined some of the attitudes of his local neighbors “An immigrant’s worst nightmare.”

On his Twitter profile, Guido “I’ve been doing a little tour around the world with a couple of books and a bag for almost two years,” he promises. And last Thursday he used his account to upload on the social networking site A strange warning from their German neighbors They did it to an immigrant Simply to walk barefoot in his own apartment.

Guido wrote two instances in one tweet about the rules to be followed in Germany so as not to disturb local neighbors.Twitter

The tweeter uploaded a photo of a message written in English on a piece of paper, as someone near his home approached to give him a strange warning, almost threatening. “Stop Walking Barefoot” said the handwritten statement, underlined with a thick black line.

The complete message left for a German immigrant as he walked barefoot through his own apartmentTwitter

And then the rest of the message reads: “If you keep doing it, especially when rest time (Rest Time) -Night Silence (22.00-06.00)-, I am going to report you to the police for disturbing public order”.

Guido cleared the doubts of tweeters who asked him for advice on the purpose of the warning from German neighbors.Twitter

Guido posted a message on Twitter – which has since been deleted – that forced the residents of his own house not to walk barefoot. The tweeter recounted her own experience with their Teutonic neighbors. “Neighboring countries in Germany: Any immigrant’s worst nightmare. Mine in Hamburg Sometimes he gets very angry because of video calling “Talking” with my family and friends after 10pm in my own home, he wrote, adding another intimate anecdote: “A friend was asked not to use the blender on Sundays”.

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He tweets Guido upon the demands of their neighbours Germany Endurance, posted by himself “Minus Five”, quickly went viral. The message received more than 10,000 likes and was the starting point for dozens of comments. The thing is Some users wanted to know more About what Twitter posted and others described Similar experiences.

“I do not understand. Why is it a problem if you walk barefoot?”, wanted to know the follower GuidoHe promptly replied: “I’m sure that’s what they’re using Sandals (very narrow sandals) because they muffle noise. They are crazy”.

Guido’s tweet about the little tolerance of German neighbors was met with responses from other Argentines with similar stories.Twitter / @

Will the police give a ball in these cases?, asked the same user again who took into account the threat made by the German neighbor who wrote the message not to walk barefoot. “I don’t have the message,” he clarified Guido Then explained: “The police are coming.And in this case I do not believe, but “There are many fines for noise.”.

An Argentinian forced to move after 10 p.m. broke into his apartment, another story about the way Germans coexist with their neighbors.Twitter / @cabapauls

In another reply to the tweeters, Guido It has also been reported Germany There is a company that does that “Regulatory Office”A kind of “office of public order”, it has Specific categories for annoying noises.

Tweeters also describe similar experiences that they or well-known people have had MilkWho wrote: “They moved a friend (He rented a room) because he visited the apartment after 10 pm and that was the time when he came home from work. A downstairs neighbor complained. I certify that my friend is the most respectful and quiet boy I know.”

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“On a train In Munich I accidentally ran into an Argentinian friend. We both hugged and started shouting. In two minutes They came to challenge us. Disastrous”, the user tweeted Tatoo is the master. “An old woman followed and scolded a man for crossing the street the wrong way,” Tweeter G wrote.

There were also tweeters who understood the attitude of Guido’s German neighborsTwitter / @cabapauls

But, as always happens in social networks, there were users who expressed their opinion in favor of the attitude of the residents. GermanyArguing that, If it is the customs of that country, it is appropriate to respect them.

Tweeters understood the attitude of their German neighbors and asked the immigrants to adapt to their environmentTwitter / @juanma7115

“Wherever I look, rest time It is a very accepted one By the Germans. My question would be:Why the problem would be the German neighbors Who has this habit, that people do one thing and want to do another, and is not the one who goes that everybody is fine with it?”, he wrote, in this sense, Laureano Porcel.

“In 20 years I have never had a problem. The problem is not invading the other person’s peace. If you make video calls at 10pm and your neighbor is asleep, make them before then rest time, without shouting ‘Grandma’. You are in another country. Adapt or it will cost you”, commented another user who calls himself “In Defense of German Neighbors”. RolandoMath Monkey.

Nation Contacted the user for more details about their experience, but the user explained it I didn’t expect his tweet to go viral. Or it didn’t have much impact and reactions on the social network, so he didn’t want to make statements and then, he decided to delete his message.

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