April 1, 2023

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He is a yerba mate sommelier and reveals the most common mistakes when making them

Brewed first bitter companion Karla Johan, This, according to him, was the path to adulthood that was the initial kick to dedicate his life to spreading the benefits of this product. As in his life Sommelier of yerba matewrote Yerba mate bookTrained in this regard, it innovated with products based on yerba mate and even created its own brand of yerba.

However, every time he gives one of his courses, conferences or interviews, the missionary Recommends his way to properly arouse the partner. The first step is to fill 3/4 parts of yerba mate, cover it with your palm, turn it over and shake it vigorously. However, he insists that the shaking part has to do with mixing the ingredients well, not with a myth: the sprinkling of yerba.

In conversation with Nation, Karla Johan explained: “Shaking the adjunct helps the powder not settle to the bottom, thus preventing the bulb from closing and the adjunct coming out too bitter”. In addition, he mentioned the bad habit of dusting: “When a person started filtering a bag of yerba on YouTube, the myth got stronger and talked about the scams of yerbateras with dust. It is shredded leaves. “The compounds of erba mate, the flavor and the best, are in the leaves,” he noted.

The powder is where the caffeine, vitamins, antioxidant power and minerals are.. It is very valuable that when we drink mate it is hydrated first, it starts to leach out first and it does not affect our body as some suggest.

Karla Johann, Sommelier de MatMartin Darksol

The second step, returning to the starting position, is to tilt the yerba mate to the side opposite to where the bombilla will be placed. Warm water is first added there, the bulb is placed, and then the side is primed with purified water at 75 to 80 degrees. The Sommelier Also noted another common mistake: “People They start with cold water or hot water directly from a thermos”.

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“Major mistake Drink the supplement with very hot water. After much research (my company and the National Institute of Yerba Mate) we found the ideal temperature to be between. 75 and 80 degrees. In this sense, he mentioned the places where it is customary to boil water: “Uruguay As a result, he has a high risk of larynx and esophageal cancer. It is the highest in Latin America. It applies to any preparation, be it a soup, a tea, always maintain a normal temperature range.

In a conversation with LA NACIÓN, Carla Johan debunked many myths
In a conversation with LA NACIÓN, Carla Johan debunked many mythsMartin Darksol

Likewise, Carla Johann addressed the myth of the spouse Produces acidity: “First we have to examine ourselves and ask ourselves how we eat or if we have any stress problems. The supplement itself does not create acidity. Now,​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​If I have a predisposition to acidity and I consume some caffeine while fasting, it will change the pH of my stomach, which is already altered, so it will increase it further.

The Sommelier Also mentioned For the difference between Traditional herbs And this Organic: “In fact, a care is worked from field to expansion in organic herbs, where they are not used. Agricultural chemicals, but we must also take into account that the waste must be organic, which means a change in philosophy. But since many agrochemicals are not used in yerba mate or good practices are in place for their use, almost No differencesSatisfying the need of a particular public is more than anything else. We can assure you that we have a very healthy yerba supplement”.

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Proper priming of the accessory has one objective, viz Avoid washing yerba mate, that is, the supplement immediately loses its taste. To prolong its use, the missionary recommends: “Always where the bulb is and Leave dry grass on the opposite side. People grab a thermos and start wetting the entire surface. In that case, you drink two or three suppositories in a row and immediately wash the suppository down.

If the mate washes off, throw out a tip: “Don’t make the mistake of throwing away some yerba and adding fresh yerba. Because the only thing we achieve is masking the taste and after a while it washes off again. If the consumer thinks it has lost its flavor, it should be remade.

Carla's favorite accessory is the deep and wide-mouth calabash
Carla’s favorite accessory is the deep and wide-mouth calabashKarla Johan

favorite partner Sommelier A deep and wide-mouthed gourd, and instructs what to do after it’s done for its hygiene: throw away the yerba, rinse, drain and Let dry upside down (Never turn it over as mushrooms may form there).

For Carla Johan, the supplement was not the only primary reason for using yerba: “The supplement was recognized during the epidemic. What I want to address today is that we can start taking yerba out of supplements and putting it in other products. For example in Beauty creams Due to its high antioxidant power, it can enhance a cream Anti aging or for the treatment of cellulite. It is then used Cocktail bar, Cake shopIn GastronomyBut this is just the beginning,” he said.

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