May 30, 2023

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He found out that his parents had sold him at birth, he found them, but they rejected him again.

A young man who was sold at birth in China says he was heartbroken when he finally found his biological parents and was rejected by them. South China Morning Post.

Liu Xuezhou, a 17-year-old university student from Hebei province, met his parents last December but was later told they did not want to be contacted.

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The young man was born in 2005 and was sold to his foster parents through a middleman. They loved him, but after an accident, he was orphaned at the age of four. Later, his foster grandparents took him, and then the minor was among several relatives.

DNA tests

Liu described his biological parents telling him that they would not accept him because he was divorced after selling him, and now each of them has a new family. Also, they told him to stay away because he was disrupting their lives and they were not willing to help him financially.

For many years, the young man worked in various odd jobs and also received benefits from government grants for orphans.

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In early December, the teenager, excited by stories of family reunification, posted on social media to find her parents. The search was successful, and later, after a DNA test, police identified the biological father.

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