June 2, 2023

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He fell off a cliff while posing for a photo and died

A woman fell Decline More than 30 meters high and ended in the Ourthe River Luxembourg, Belgium. It’s about an influential Joe Snooks, 33, who was with her husband when the tragedy happened.

Officers recovered the body several hours later, so she was the last to notice when her husband showed her his cell phone. Selfie What she took was on the edge of the mountain.

The couple was walking in the Luxembourg province of Belgium. They arrived very quickly on November 2nd to an area full of rocks, mountains and various vegetation.

“It will always be foggy there. This is great for photos, “said her husband, Jorie Johnson, of The Daily Mail.

“I don’t see or hear anything. No beats, no calls for help or screams. I called her even though I knew it was useless. The ditch was dozens of meters high, ”he said, moving on. The person picked up the cellphone and opened it.

“I was looking at the camera in the picture. In the background you can see the fog and the river, where they finally found his body, ”Johnson recalled, as the signal was bad and he had to go to a nearby hotel to call the authorities.

Another difficulty the person had in dealing with the tragedy was that he did not know how to speak French well. However, with the instructions, thanks to the fire department and the medical helicopter, he himself recovered the body a few hours later from the river.

“They told me Cho was sadly dead. They said it in French, but I immediately understood what they wanted to say to me.

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The Luxembourg State Attorney’s Office confirmed that the woman had slipped on the edge of a cliff and fallen into a river.

The couple got married in 2012 and from that moment on, the two enjoyed walking with their pets. “From the plague, what can we do: drive around Europe in our van and take beautiful photos,” Jory said.

In fact, Joe continued to share trips and pictures in the midst of mountains, lakes, trees, fields and more on his social networks.