February 4, 2023

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Guillermina Valdez responded forcefully when asked which surgeon performed the operation on her tail.

Super Cancero with a sporty look and vibrant positive energy after success Argentina vs Croatia Qatar World Cup 2022, Guillermina Valdez He shared with his followers Instagram An unexpected question from a girl at the gym about her body.

“A friend at the gym asks who is the surgeon who operated on my tail, excuse me? The file is there, I’m always a basement spider,” commented the model, entrepreneur and actress jokingly.

Immediately, Guille forcefully added: “The important thing for me is to talk about morality. I’m killing myself doing squats, what a surgeon, no surgeon.”

“A gym buddy asks me which surgeon did the surgery on my tail, excuse me? There’s the file, I’m always a basement spider.”

Reflections on Solitude by Guillermina Valdez

separated from Marcelo Dinelli, Guillermina Valdez I’ll give you a hint Urban planet And he spoke in depth about this phase of his life when he was single.

“I feel so stigmatized about being single. I I have never been alone for more than six months in my life and now it feels so much better. Self-knowledge, self-awareness is often necessary,” Guille said last month.

And he continued: “I never gave myself that chance I’m so fulfilled in my work, so connected to my kids, there are times I can’t believe I’m the only one.”

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