May 30, 2023

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Govt-19: New restrictions on Omigran warning around the world | Minute by minute, reactions to the new variant of the corona virus

G7 emergency meeting of health ministers to develop a common plan

Health Ministers of the G7 Developing Countries -France, United States, Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United Kingdom- They will meet this emergency Monday to develop a common plan for detecting the occurrence of the Omigron variant.

The meeting was convened by a committee headed by the United Kingdom, one of the countries that has registered cases of diversity.

Restrictions back in the UK

The UK will return to control due to the corona virus from this Tuesday, before the first cases of the Omigran variant are detected in British territory. In addition, Boris Johnson’s government today called an “emergency” meeting of G7 health ministers to review the situation.

Sinstraps will be mandatory in stores and on public transport from tomorrow, and those involved in positive cases of the new variant of Govt-19 will be subject to 10 days of compulsory self-isolation, as well as new restrictions. Enter the United Kingdom. Passengers should be PCR at the end of the 2nd day and isolated until its results are available.

Health Minister Sajid Javed told the BBC today that the measures would help ensure that people can “enjoy Christmas with their families”. He promised that the government would act “quickly” and “proportionately”.

Scotland: Six cases were found to be unrelated to the epidemic

Six cases of omicron variant of corona virus have been detected in Scotland, Some of them No contact with expatriates. These cases are in addition to the three cases previously registered in the UK.

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This was stated by the Deputy Prime Minister of Scotland John Swinney “The extent of the social prevalence of this particular strain should be” And “this poses additional challenges for us to stop the spread.” Health officials will find close links to the positive to “establish the origin of the virus”.

Australia will not reopen its borders

The announcement was made by Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison Boundaries will not be reopened this December 1 for specific workers and students To prevent the spread of the new omigron variant of the corona virus.

“This is a temporary suspension Will ensure that Australia collects the information needed to better understand the Omigron variantThe Prime Minister explained.

The WHO warned that Omigron represents a “very high risk.”

The World Health Organization (WHO) released a document called The new Omicron variant of the corona virus represents the “greatest danger” to the world He also warned that there are still many who are unaware of this variation, especially of the real danger it reflects.

“Given Mutations that may give you the ability to escape the immune response, And gives you an advantage in terms of contagion, Ómicron is more likely to spread globally“, Refers to the system and adds that there are no more deaths with the new variant.

According to the WHO, “Based on these characteristics There may be Govt-19 spikes in the future, Which can have serious consequences. ”

“The use of travel restrictions on Africa is an attack on global unity.”

President of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa, It called on countries to lift sanctions “before further damage to our economies.”. Based on the increase in cases of omigran variant in South Africa and the detection of the virus in travelers coming from that country, various governments around the world have closed their borders to South African travelers.

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“With the Omigron variant found in different parts of the world, The use of travel restrictions for Africa is an attack on global unitySaid Matshidiso Moeti, director of WHO Africa.

Japan closes its borders to foreign tourists

Japan That connects with the mandated countries Boundary closure for foreign tourists Faces the risk of Omicron variant of the corona virus

“We are going to ban (new) foreigners from entering the world from November 30,” Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida told reporters. Just three weeks ago, the government eased some restrictions.