June 1, 2023

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Govit-19: What would the first three-dimensional image of the Omigron variant look like | The world-warning mutation

This was provided by researchers at Bambino Gesù Hospital in Rome The first three-dimensional image From Different Omigron Corona virus and confirmed it It has “more mutations” than Delta.

In this three-dimensional image, like a diagram, it is clear that the “Omigron variant has many more mutations than the delta variant.” Mostly concentrated in a region of protein that interacts with human cells“, The company explained in a statement released this Sunday.

This does not automatically mean that these variations are too dangerous “, The researchers argued, however The virus has re-adapted to the human race by creating another variant. “Other studies will tell us whether this adaptation is neutral, less dangerous, or more dangerous.”They added.

Claudia Alderie, professor of medical microbiology at the University of Milan and researcher at Pampino Ceso, points out that the team is focused on looking for mutations at the “three-dimensional structure of the spike protein” component of the virus. “It’s responsible for recognizing the human receptor and allowing the virus to enter the cells,” he said.

“It’s monoclonal antibodies and, of course, vaccines that work in Spike,” he said.

The film was achieved, the expert described, This was done “from the study of the sequences of this new variation that contributed to the scientific community” and mainly from “Botswana, South Africa and Hong Kong”.. Alteri clarified that the film “represents a part of the map of all genres, describing omigran mutations, but not defining the role”.

“Henceforth, through laboratory tests, it is important to determine whether the combination of these compounds has an impact on transmission or the effectiveness of vaccines, for example.”He added.

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This Sunday, Argentina’s Minister of Health, Carla Vicotti, expressed concern about the new variant, saying “what we have seen is that there are 32 mutations in it, twice as many as in the Delta.” “Vaccinate as soon as possible”.