February 4, 2023

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Govit-19: New variant of Omigron, corona virus causes worldwide concern | Italy confirmed its first case

WHO meeting to review next phase of action

Member countries of the World Health Organization Will hold an exceptional meeting in Geneva First try on Monday Look for effective strategies to fight the infection.

This meeting will focus you 194 members and the discussion on this topic alone will last 3 days, In the context marked by origin New Omigron variant.

The meeting of EU ministers in Geneva has been adjourned

A meeting of EU trade ministers on the sidelines of next week’s World Trade Organization (WTO) summit in Geneva has been postponed due to confusion over the Omicron variant. They made it clear that they would reassemble it “when health conditions and travel activities allow”.

France will isolate close contacts even after vaccination

The French Ministry of Health pointed out this Saturday that even those who have been positively tested by the Omicron variant of the corona virus or have been in close contact with the vaccine should be isolated.

The Directorate General of Health defines any affected person in a country at risk of this new variant within 14 days prior to the date of symptoms or examination as a possible case, among other things.

South Africa is to export Omigron samples overseas

South African health officials are preparing to send samples of the new omigron strain of the corona virus to biosafety companies in other countries. In addition, they are exploring new restrictions on the spread of this virus mutation.

The state of emergency has been extended in Colombia

Colombian President Ivan Duque has vowed to extend his health emergency until February 28 as a new variant of the corona virus appears in South Africa.

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“Having a global alert on the status of the epidemic prolongs the health emergency and allows all precautionary measures to be taken to save lives,” the president said.

The Omicron variant came to Italy

Omicron’s first case in Italy was identified a few hours after the closure of people from 8 countries in South Africa: it was lined up by Sacco Hospital in Milan. Patient living in Campania, traveling from Mozambique.

Germany confirmed the discovery of the first two cases

The German Ministry of Health in Bavaria on Saturday confirmed the detection of the first two cases of the South African variant Omigran in the country. They entered the country from Munich on November 24 as a couple already isolated.

Reintroduces masks and PCR for UK travelers

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson made the announcement today, Saturday New regulations to combat the Omicron variant of the corona virus, Including wearing masks in stores and on public transportation, and having vaccinated passengers undergo PCR testing instead of antigen testing upon arrival in the UK.

At a press conference, the conservative leader removed all restrictions in the UK before the summer, emphasizing the importance of “buying time” and reducing epidemics until experts determine the effect of the new variant. “It spreads very quickly” and “among those with a complete vaccination schedule,” he said.

The United States acknowledges that the new variant may not have already been detected

Chief Adviser to the U.S. Government on Medical Issues, Anthony Fossie, Admitted this Saturday that it was possible A new variant of Govit-19 found in South Africa has already reached the United States, but has not yet been discovered.

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“I’m not surprised if it’s here, we have not detected it yet. If you have a virus, it spreads very easily and there are already cases in other countries as a result of the trip. It will reach almost everywhere, “said Fauci In an interview on NBC.

The Netherlands is looking for 5,000 people from Africa to test the Govt

Dutch authorities are trying to find about 5,000 people who arrived last week to be tested for the corona virus from some country in South Africa. 61 people who tested positive after coming from South Africa are examining whether they have the new Omigron variant.

The UK detected two cases of the Omicron variant

The British Ministry of Health has confirmed that two infections have been identified in South Africa this week with variants of the corona virus. And keeps the world alert to its mutations and its potential high contagion.

Two of these “persons related to going to South Africa” ​​have been isolated in their homes.

India is set to review new types of travel restrictions

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday ordered a review of plans to ease international travel restrictions In fear of the new Omigron variant of Govit-19.

The Prime Minister’s Office said in a statement that Modi had asked the authorities to review plans to ease restrictions on international travel in the face of new information on the variance found in South Africa.

Oxford scientist sees “very rapid” development of a vaccine against the Omigran variant

Professor Andrew Pollard, Director of the Oxford Vaccine Group and has led research on the Oxford / Astrogenogen Corona virus vaccine. It is considered “highly unlikely” that this new variant will spread strongly among people who have already been vaccinated Delta variant with “as seen last year”.

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However, if that happens, “he promised.“Because” the processes of making a new vaccine can be operated very quickly as they are better and better oiled.

Germany is exploring a possible case for a new variant of Govit-19

The first possible case of Omigran was recorded in Germany, In a person returning from South Africa. “It is very possible that the Omigron variant has reached Germany,” Guy Klose, the Hesse region’s social affairs minister, said on Twitter.

The tests carried out on the passenger on Friday “revealed many things,” Klose said Typical omigron mutations “.

South Africa refuses to close borders for its citizens

The South African government considers it true that its scientists discovered a new variant of the corona virus, Omigron. “Punishing” the country.

“These travel barriers Rapid detection of South Africa with its advanced genetic sequencing capabilities and new variants. The merits of science should be appreciated and not punished, ”says an official statement.

Moderna claims to be developing a booster vaccine for the Omigron variant

The American pharmaceutical company Moderna says it is developing a booster vaccine that specifically protects against the new variant of the corona virus found in South Africa.

“Moderna will quickly develop a vaccine candidate for a specific booster dose for Omigran,” the company said in a statement.