June 7, 2023

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Government acknowledges concerns over Kristalina Georgieva’s continuation at IMF

Cristalina Georgieva, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, speaks with Economy Minister Martin Guzm (n (REUTERS / Remo Castile)

The institutional crisis that the International Monetary Fund is going through and that Put Kristalina Georgieva on a tightrope and set alarms on the national governmentA few days before the IMF summit, the Ministry of Economy will try to move forward in negotiations for a new financial plan. According to Gaza Rosada, the change in the profile of the finance leadership, beyond the specific name of the managing director, will affect conversations with the company.

The government identifies Georgia as a central ally in the debt restructuring process, and believes she is being charged as part of a World Bank investigation. A kind of “bill pass” for some financial departments in the United States Remove her from the main chair of the Monetary Fund.

According to official sources, the role played by the Bulgarian economist in setting up debates within the body New Type of Financial Plan Highly Accessible Conditions and Distribution of Special Drawing Rights (SDR) from Rich Countries Towards the middle and lower incomes they deserve the hostility of certain sectors that they call the “financial institution” in government.

How it stood alone Infobe This morning, The Finance Committee today discussed his resignation And European Commission decides to retain support for Georgia, including France, Germany, Great Britain and Italy, Published by the English newspaper Financial times. Europe has historically defined the head of the continent, while the United States is generally at the behest of the World Bank. The White House’s position on the managing director is not yet clear.

Martin Guzmn will chair the Argentine delegation in the coming days to attend the summit of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank (REUTERS / Johannes P. Christo / Archive).
Martin Guzman will head an Argentine delegation to Washington in the coming days to attend the International Monetary Fund and World Bank (REUTERS / Johannes P. Christo / Archive) summit.

The emphasis on the Executive Branch for the next IMF and G20 summit in Washington next week is no less important. The Argentine delegation visiting the North American capital this weekend believes it There will be a strong geopolitical component that will determine Georgia’s continuity in the coming months At the IMF.

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In 2020 the IMF is not playing in favor of lenders. In the coming months, many countries will have to restructure their debt There is a sector that wants to have a tool like finance back at its disposal“, Citing the source of the economic group.

On that board, which will be played by a continuation of the government’s ally on the outside, Gaza Rosada dismisses Some European countries like Social Democracy in France, Italy, Spain and Germany They will support Georgia and see what position the United States, a key partner on the IMF board, will take.

The government identifies Georgia as a central ally in the debt restructuring process

In government, however, they do not rule out displacement from the leadership of the Georgia organization. “It would not be good if Georgia was still in a weak position. But what matters is not the names but the basis of the consistency of the managing director, ”they promise.

And If the Bulgarian economist leaves his post in favor of a leader with a different profile, they promise that “the relationship with finance will be different.”. The political movement in the body, official sources say, did not affect the conversation with him workers Technology, which has continued in recent months. This morning, in addition, economic officials continued talks with the G20 countries to refine the agenda for next week.

Minister of Economy Martin Guzmn will chair the Argentine delegation in the coming days to attend the International Monetary Fund and World Bank summit.

The leader of Palacio de Hasinda will be active in the North American capital from the beginning. Kuzman’s official agenda includes technical meetings with IMF staff, and the talks with Argentina will be chaired by the Deputy Director of the Western Hemisphere Department. Julie Cossack And leader of the mission Louis Garbage.

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Kuzman’s agenda in Washington will not be exhausted by high – level meetings with the IMF, but according to official sources linked to the World Bank, Bilateral meetings should also be held with representatives of other countries. On Friday he will be suspended for holding meetings with investors in New York.