June 3, 2023

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Giorgia Meloni’s right-wing Nationalist and Sovereignty coalition won in Italy

Roma.- It’s a story of success that has been heralded for weeks. It was like that. According to the first predictions of the poll results, Right wing coalition of Georgia MeloneyChairman The post-fascist Brothers of Italy party, The Italian legislative election was won this Sunday with more than 42% of the votes. His party won the most votes with 26% of the popular vote.

Such a victory would make Italy the third largest economy in Europe. Ruled by a far-right, authoritarian and populist government after World War IISomething that creates fear because it explodes Balances of the European Union (EU).A block marked by war in Ukraine.

Giorgia Meloni of the Italian far-right party “Fratelli d’Italia” (Brothers of Italy) delivers a speech during a rally in Areni di Bagnoli, a coastal town in Naples, southern Italy, on September 23, 2022. It ends his party’s campaign for the general election on September 25. Andreas Solaro – AFP

Maloney’s coalition allied with the right-wing League Matteo Salvini The more moderate Forza Italia, from the former prime minister and president. Silvio Berlusconi, polls predicted, would defeat the centre-left and secure a comfortable majority in both houses of parliament. Italy’s brothers received less than 10% of the league, the worst result for the “captain”, and Forza Italia, which was less than 7%.

“This is the time of responsibility. Italy has chosen us and we will not betray it as we have never betrayed it.”, Meloni delivered a brief victory speech in a subdued but patriotic tone as he appeared in his party bunker just after 2:30am, visibly elated. “We will rule for all Italiansto unite these people”, he promised, not showing joy, but aware of the country’s critical moment, in which “mutual respect and a climate of peace” are necessary. “Our great goal is to make Italians proud to be Italians again and to be proud to raise the tricolor,” said the future prime minister of Italy. , then thanked his coalition partners, his relatives and his party members. “The impossible race is possible,” he said. “It’s a night of pride, redemption, tears, hugs, dreams and memories,” he said, inspired by his party’s historic achievement.

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Led by a former social democrat and pro-European prime minister, Enrico LettaThe leader of the Democratic Party (PD), a center-left coalition that sought to stem the advance of the right, won only 25.9% of the vote in one of the worst results in its history.

As expected, the former prime minister is the top choice, according to unofficial polls released in recent days. Giuseppe Conte. 56 years old and Considered politically “dead”. After he brought about the downfall of the government Mario DraghiLast July, Conte announced what many considered “Miracle”. He has resurrected, in fact, a downtrodden and previously established opposition Five Star Movement (M5E), Under his leadership it became a progressive group that violently siphoned votes from the center-left. A virtual “Revenge” or revenge, after his second government was “filed” by Draghi, M5E got 16.2%. The anti-caste force created by comedian Pepe Grillo won him half of the 2018 election with 32% of the vote, but an equally important and completely unexpected result.

Before Draghi’s unexpected collapse on July 21, Letta bet everything on the PD’s “broad coalition” with the M5E, knowing that only in this way could he win over the right wing of Meloni, Salvini and Berlusconi.

But when everything changed In behavior deemed “absolutely irresponsible”, Conte suddenly brought about the downfall of the Draghi government. He is no longer a reliable partner. Although the “Super Mario” government restored enormous credibility to Italy and succeeded in handling a massive vaccination campaign in the midst of a pandemic, it was simultaneously criticized by the M5E, the Brothers of Italy and populist forces. The League was a government of technocrats allied with major financial powers and far removed from the people.

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As a result, the good performance of these forces is explained and, in the case of Conte’s M5E, by his strategy of focus Southern Italy, on the issue of poverty and the promise to maintain a “citizenship income”.Controversial unemployment subsidy created by “Grillini”.

The The third pole, a centrist coalition meant to draw votes from both the center-left and the moderate wing of Meloni’s right-wing coalition, Forza Italia, did not make such a good choice. Formed by the Agion party of ex-minister Carlo Calenda and ex-prime minister Italia Viva. Matteo Renzi, this core group received 7.5%, far from the double-digit numbers expected. The Third Pole demanded Draghi for 18 months and proposed to continue the same pro-European agenda and undoubtedly Washington’s ally “Super Mario”.

This election campaign was not unlike the first-ever snap elections (the Legislature was supposed to end next March) in the middle of the summer break. Such was the foreign policy. The reason? War in UkraineThe heartland of Europe, which has moved Italians from this former Soviet republic to host more than 100,000 refugees so far, is already beginning to feel the devastating effects of inflation and the energy crisis it has created around the world.

In a strategy that ultimately did not yield the expected success, Letta’s bid raised the campaign against Meloney in the most clearly ambiguous terms, with slogans such as: “You’re with us or with them with Putin” or “You’re with us or with them and against Europe”.

Democratic Party leader Enrico Letta participates in a party-organized march with the Ukrainian community in Rome. "+ Europe"Led by veteran civil rights attorney and party leader Emma Bonino, fourth from right, on Thursday, Sept. 22, 2022.
Democratic Party leader Enrico Letta, fourth from right, participates in a march in Rome with the Ukrainian community organized by the “+Europe” party, led by veteran civil rights lawyer and party leader Emma Bonino, fourth from right, on Thursday, September 22. , 2022.Cecilia Fabiano / Lapresse Cecilia_Fabiano – Lapresse

If it doesn’t reach the minimum 20% “Psychic” threshold -estimates give it 19.3 votes-, It is taken for granted that Letta will step down as General Secretary of the PD. According to analysts, the group made the big mistake of not connecting with people’s specific concerns. And he planned the campaign wrong Fear of a return of fascismA dark period, though it marked the country’s history, It doesn’t move anymore, especially young people who haven’t lived it and aren’t afraid it might come back.

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A day marked by bad weather and rain across the peninsula is feared The boycott party said now. According to data from the Ministry of Interior, at 23 local time Attendance was 63.8%, lower than the 2018 elections, when he got 72.9 votes, the lowest in recent decades. Widespread throughout the peninsula, Absenteeism was significantly higher in the South, reflecting this widespread dissatisfaction and disillusionment with politics and politicians.

The crowd listens to Melony
The crowd listens to MelonyOliver Weeken – dpa

In elections that will have political ramifications above all for a fragile Europe that is scarred by the conflict in Ukraine, For the first time, Italians could vote in just one day, from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.. In past elections, in addition to Sunday, voting took place for a good part of Monday, which, according to analysts, could have an impact on infiltration.

Where is another innovation in this country? Voting is not compulsory For the first time 50 million Italians were able to vote (more than 4 million of them abroad) and did so to revive a completely depleted parliament. With just 400 representatives and 200 senators instead of over 900 senators.. In addition, people over the age of 18 were able to elect members of the Senate for the first time, in addition to representatives (previously only at the age of 25).