January 26, 2022

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Germany imposes new restrictions on non-vaccinated and advances with compulsory vaccination | They cannot meet those outside their family nucleus

Germany expands nationwide restrictions on immunizations and imposes compulsory Govt vaccination Outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel confirmed the meeting with her successor, Olaf Scholes, and regional leaders. The country was overtaken for the second time Corona affects 70,000 people in a single day Moreover, although the situation has improved somewhat in recent days, officials believe it is still dangerous as many hospitals have collapsed and others are close to enrichment.

Key activities

In particular, those who are not vaccinated will not be able to meet those outside their family. What else Access to non-essential shops, restaurants and places of worship and entertainment, Merkel is trying to control this The fourth wave of Kovit-19 and stops the final progression of the Omigron variant.

The authorities agreed Children are required to wear a face mask in all schools A measure not yet in practice across the country. A bill was also confirmed The Mandatory vaccination, approved by future Chancellor Scholes, Effective from February or March.

“The situation is very complicated”, Said Scholes After meeting Merkel and the leaders of the 16 regions of the country. The finance minister of the outgoing government stressed the need for these measures to be “correct and necessary” and “clear and precise”. He called on the people to get vaccinated against Govt-19 and pointed out that the consequences of not doing so were increasing.

New Year’s Eve without fireworks

“We are going to organize cultural and leisure activities throughout Germany, but only for those who have been vaccinated or rescued” from Govit-19, As pointed out for his part MerkelHe will step down on December 8 after 16 years as head of state. He added, “Action of National Unity” With the aim of reducing the number of infections and stress on the health system.

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The outgoing Foreign Minister said that the so-called “2G” rule, which refers to persons who have been vaccinated or rescued, will be “extended to retail trade, excluding basic manufacturing outlets”. These strict restrictions on access to social life for the unvaccinated have been described by various political leaders as “prison” for those not vaccinated. Unvaccinated people have already been subject to restrictions on access to public roads for several weeks, but the rules vary and do not cover all areas that make up the country.

To avoid overcrowding at year-end festivals, The most popular crackers and crackers among Germans are banned by the government and the regions. If the ban on 350 cases is broken, clubs and discos will be closed, which has already surpassed most countries.

The main vote for compulsory vaccination

This set of measures seeks to improve the situation in the coming weeks Important referendum on compulsory vaccination. That scenario convinces the two coalition partners of the Social Democrats, the Greens and the Liberals, but also Merkel’s Conservatives, who are currently in opposition. Only the far-right AfD party opposes And “Mandatory vaccination? Thank you!” Has started the campaign with the slogan.

The situation in Germany is complicated by the current transition period between the departure of Merkel, who will deliver her farewell address on Thursday, and the entry of Schlz, who will not hold parliamentary elections until next week. According to the future president, the restrictions promoted by the new coalition should be displayed “There is no power vacuum, as some now believe”.

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Robert Koch Institute (RKI), German Institute for the Fight against Infectious Diseases Announced 73,209 new infections in the last 24 hours. This is the second time in Germany it has crossed 70,000 a day. Authorities reported 75,961 cases reported last week. RKI said that there was 388 deaths The total number of corona viruses is 102,178.

71.4 percent of Germany’s population (59.4 million people) Vaccinated, With 68.6 percent (57.0 million) complete terms, 12.5 (10.4 million) have already received the booster dose.