January 27, 2023

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German ISIS sentenced to 10 years in prison for allowing a beggar woman to die of thirst | The boy was bought into slavery in Iraq

A Munich court has sentenced a former member of the Islamic State (ISIS), a German jihadist group, to ten years in prison on charges of allowing a Yazidi woman who was bought into slavery in Iraq to die of thirst.. 30-year-old Jennifer Venish is guilty “Crime against humanity causing death” And a member of a terrorist organization, one of the world’s first investigators of war crimes against Yazidis, a minority persecuted by jihadists.

Husband of the accused, Taha Al-Jumeili, In August 2015, he was chained to a tray that had been nailed to a crossbar in the backyard of his home. As punishment for urinating on the mattress, What caused the death of the little girl. The court held that it was proven that the defendant did not attempt to save the girl despite knowing the girl’s very bad condition.

The audience proves it too Venice’s husband continued to beat and punish Minor and his mother With the knowledge of the accused. The German, originally from the municipality of Lohne in Lower Saxony, had traveled to Iraq to visit his “brothers,” he explained during an investigation that began in April 2019. For several months, he was a member of the police force in Fallujah. She was armed on the streets of Mosul where she was patrolling.

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